10 Memorable Marriage Firsts Every Newlywed Experiences!

10 Memorable Marriage Firsts Every Newlywed Experiences!

Marriage is full of surprises. And even if you’ve known your man for ages, married life will be a different ball game altogether. Living together and sharing each and every moment of your life… That also means you’ll have a lot of experiences for the very first time. Some good ones, some not so amazing, and some downright hilarious. But you’re sure to remember each one of these all your life! So ladies, as you get ready to take on this new phase in your life, here are a few marriage firsts EVERY newlywed couple experiences.

1. The first night SEX!

Now that is some experience! The first time you have sex on your wedding night. You know it’s a special first that you’ll never ever forget.

1 marriage firsts- wedding night

2. The first time you introduce each other as your husband or wife

It feels so different! From ‘meet my girlfriend’ to ‘meet my wife’. And believe it or not, you’ll definitely have butterflies in your stomach the first time this happens. And you’ll both feel so good about it.

3. The first time you have a fight… Goodbye honeymoon period!

Fights happen all the time. But your first typical husband-wife fight is a first that you’ll both always remember. And even laugh about it years later!

3 marriage firsts - priyanka chopra

4. The first time you discuss… Umm, Babies!!

That one topic that is always and forever confusing. But as a married couple, you’ve got to talk about it!

5. The first time you go home to meet your mom and dad

It’s such an emotional feeling. And you’ll have a million emotions when back in your home. But it’s also a li’l weird to be going back home with a husband, and not alone!

5 marriage firsts - kirron kher

6. The first time you have an oops moment #Awkward

You know what we’re talking about, right? You’re now living together and while it may be embarrassing or awkward the first few times to fart in front of the other, you’ll both just get used to it!

7. The first time one of you gets the flu

To be taken care of by your hubby or caring for him when he’s under the weather… It’s an experience that’ll only bring you both even closer together.

7 marriage firsts - badri ki dulhania

8. The first impromptu trip!

You couldn’t do that when you both weren’t married. But now you finally can! No permissions required!

9. The first time you manage the house together

Now this one’s bound to be one eventful day. Running the chores together will be fun the first time around. After that, let’s just say, you’ll both want to run away from it!

9 marriage firsts - happy couple

10. The first time you realize you’ve married your best friend!

And that you’ll get to see his beautiful smiling face EVERY day!!

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