11 Things You Can Do On WhatsApp… But Probably Never Tried!!

11 Things You Can Do On WhatsApp… But Probably Never Tried!!

It’s kind of impossible to imagine our lives without WhatsApp! It’s made life and communicating so much easier. All you need is wifi and a smartphone and you can text (and now video call) anybody you want anywhere in the world! But here are 11 handy WhatsApp hacks to make the experience even better!

1. Add Conversation Shortcuts

Did you know you can attach conversation shortcuts on your home screen for people you chat with most frequently? Isn’t that just so easy and amazing? All you need to do is tap and hold a chat from your favourite person and then select ‘Add chat shortcut’ from the menu.

Available for: Android

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2. Customize Notification

You can get to know exactly who is texting you by customizing the notification tone for messages from a particular person. Just tap the top bar above a chat and select ‘Custom Notifications’. Never miss a message from your mom or bae, again!

Available for: Android and iOS

3. All About GIFs

Hello, all gif lovers. We all know that emoticons are not enough to express our wide range of emotions and finally, WhatsApp realized this too! WhatsApp has added GIF search inside the app so you can search the GIFs you need without leaving the app.

Available for: Android

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4. Mark As Unread

Sometimes, we’re too busy to reply to a message but want to get back to it later. All you need to do for that is, for android users, long-press a conversation and then tap ‘Mark as unread’ in the menu, while iOS users can do this by swiping from left to right on a chat.

Available for: Android and iOS

5. Suicide Hotline Numbers

One of the best and unknown features of WhatsApp is that it has Global Suicide Hotline Numbers given in the app itself. The way to find out these numbers is Settings > Help > FAQ > Security and Privacy. It’ll really help in time of need!

Available for: Android and iOS

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6. Remove Show Preview

If you’re scared that somebody will read your messages on the preview that’s displayed on the lock screen, there is now a solution to your problem. On WhatsApp for iOS, you can force previews to show the contact’s name only by heading to Settings and then turn off Show Preview. For Android the process is Settings > Notifications > Pop Up Notifications > No Pop-Up.

Available for: Android and iOS

7. Reply Directly From The Notification

There is no need anymore to actually go into the app to reply to a text. You can now reply from the notification pop up as well! By expanding the notification bar you will see a 'Reply' option below the notification.

Available for: Android and iOS

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8. Increased Media Limit

Now the number of photos or videos you can send in a chat at once has been increased from 10 to 30. Makes life easier, doesn’t it?

Available for: Android and iOS

9. Change Text Font

Need to emphasize on something? Now you can change the font of the text by making it bold, italics or just strikethrough. For bold, just put the text in asterisks (*), for italics add an underscore (_) before and after the text and to strikethrough, put the text in tilde (~).

Available for: Android and iOS

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10. Storage Data Hoggers

iOS users can find out which groups and contacts take up the maximum storage space on their phones. The way to do this is Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

Available for: iOS

11. Reply And Tag

You know how annoying it is when you ask somebody a few questions and they only reply to one? WhatsApp has now found the perfect solution to it. You can now reply to individual messages by long pressing the message and then selecting reply. Plus, now, in group chats, you can also tag people just the way you tag them on facebook (‘@’ sign followed by the name) so that they get a notification! Need we say more?

Available for: Android and iOS

11 whatsapp hacks

How many of these did you know, already?

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