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10 Things To Do After Your Crush Says ‘I Like You Too’

10 Things To Do After Your Crush Says ‘I Like You Too’

Having a crush is both a beautiful and nerve-wracking experience. While you love the excitement of not knowing when you might bump into your crush, when they might message you or whether that time they laughed at your joke was real or not; it is also quite a headache not knowing if they feel the same way or ever will. In some rare situations your crush actually starts liking you back! That’s great, right? But wait, what next? We are so stuck trying to figure out if they like us and preparing for the worst that we never prepare for the best. Well, we’re here to tell you what to do if and when your crush likes you back!

1. One word - reciprocate!

If you were told or somehow found out that he likes you let him know that you like him too. Use the same source to get this information through - for example, if he flirts with you over text, letting you know his feelings reply to him in a similar tone while letting him know that you too reciprocate his feelings. If a friend told you about how he feels about you then just ask your friend to pass the information back to him!

2. Practice conversation starters

Now that it’s time to actually act on something instead of just imagining scenarios in your mind, what you need is practice. Figure out some cool ways to start a conversation with him. It could range from you sending him an article you read that he would find interesting or just a gif of his favourite movie’s dialogue. Use the information you know about him to make your time together interesting!

2 crush likes you

3. Start meeting more often

Don’t just keep texting him. Make sure the number of conversations you have face-to-face are more than the number of texts the two of you send each other. Even if it is with a group of people or for a cup coffee, try to see him as often as you can!

4. Ask him questions

Get to know him better, that’s the only way to find out if this crush will develop into something more substantial. So go ahead and ask him all the crazy questions you’ve been wanting to, ever since you met him. If he likes you, he won’t really mind answering them.

4 crush likes you

5. Tell him about your life

However, you don’t want to turn it into a one-sided interrogation so go easy. Chip in with details about your life wherever you can so it feels more like a conversation than an interview to fill in a position!

6. Be obviously flirty

There is no need to hide the fact that the two of you are flirting with each other. In fact, sometimes it’s a good idea to actually be obvious about it. Like when you are complimenting his new profile picture or when you appreciate something super smart he just said. Flirting is important, whether it is a new found crush or a 10-year-old relationship.

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7. Use social media

Yes, use the power of the internet in your favour to turn into an immortal world power… Just kidding! But you sure can use it to find out more about your crush. Don’t go overboard with finding out about him, though, that would be considered stalking. Just figure out what he likes to read or what kind of movies he watches. Also, feel free to tag him in memes - they always work!

8. Get your fun on!

Now, we don’t mean turn into someone you’re not. But if you often find yourself cribbing about how unfair life is, maybe it is a good idea to tone it down a bit. Just relax and go do something fun with your crush. Watch a movie, play a game, show him what you like to do to keep stress away and make him a part of it!

8 crush likes you

9. Go for some innocent physical contact

Two words are important to remember here - innocent and contact. So we don’t mean going on a touchy-feely rampage. However, just lightly touching his arm when he says something funny or a slight brush of fingers is a great way to get things going in the right direction!

10. Limit your excitement

Now, we know you are super psyched to find out that your crush likes you back, but, try to keep the excitement on a low sometimes. That doesn’t mean you should turn your face away when he walks in a room and pretend he doesn’t exist. Just don’t make him the centre of your world and obsess over it, it never really leads you anywhere.

10 crush likes you

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Published on May 11, 2017
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