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5 People Reveal What It’s Like To Meet Alia Bhatt

Apoorva Poonia

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In just less than five years, Alia Bhatt has become everyone’s favourite! Her on-screen personality is a mix of confidence, charm and cute looks. But have you ever wondered about what she’s like in real life? We found a few people who revealed on Quora what it’s like to meet Alia in-person and their revelations are something every Alia fan must know.

1. ‘This song will play in your heart: ‘Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya’’- Haha, that’s something new!

Tekraj Joshi answers on Quora: One of my friends was lucky enough to meet her in person. She is so beautiful and charming. Also she manages to look pretty even without make-up thing. And this song will play in your heart: ‘Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya’.

2 alia bhatt

2. ‘Alia is very approachable. She doesn’t have an aura of arrogance around her and doesn’t ignore people…’- Well, that’s what we’d hoped for!

Heer Ahlawat answers on Quora: I have met her socially. She is just like any other sweet, well mannered, cheerful girl. I have never seen her misbehave or be a snob. She is certainly not as dumb as she is perceived to be. She is confident and intuitive. Unlike other senior actresses, Alia is very approachable. At least in closed social settings I have met her in, she doesn’t have an aura of arrogance around her and doesn’t ignore people. All in all, Alia is just another 20-something happy girl who has found her calling and is making the most of her life.

3. ‘She is smart, hardworking and funny.’- Well, of course she is!

Zeena Dhalla answers on Quora: I’ve met Alia and trained her in Pilates. She is smart, hardworking and funny. She has a lot of enthusiasm to learn.

Now I suggest you work on getting into shape in case YOU ever meet her (she will beat you in Pilates)! Alia is super fit and very body aware.

4 alia bhatt

3. ‘She is intelligent and articulate…’- That’s awesome!

Ranjan Jha answers on Quora: Talked to the popular Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt during TIE Global Summit in Delhi where she was one of the keynote speakers. There are plenty of jokes about her on the internet but she is intelligent and articulate and capable of holding her own in a conversation on a wide variety of subjects. She attributed to growing up in a culture of discussion and argumentation in Mahesh Bhatt family.

5. ‘So to sum it up, it was one of the best experiences of my life…!’- Aww… SO cute!

Sahil Surani answers on Quora: This was a magical moment for me. It was an opening of an NGO called Smile Foundation’s first pop-up store in Mumbai for the underprivileged children. Alia Bhatt had agreed to show up and support this generous deed. My entry at the event was as the cameraman on behalf of Smile Foundation. Reporters asked questions to Alia about the event and how she will support this good work. And they asked about her films and love life which Alia answered gracefully!.Then Alia distributed some gifts and other stuff to the underprivileged children. So to sum it up, it was one of the best experience of my life…

6 alia bhatt

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Alia… You are *LOVE*!

Published on May 23, 2017
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