What Happened When I *Tried* To Fake An Orgasm…

What Happened When I *Tried* To Fake An Orgasm…

I had been dating Nikhil for almost a year and we were going pretty smooth. Obviously, there were issues now and then but I knew he was someone worth holding on to and I think, so did he.

His parents knew about us and were the ‘cool’ kind who didn’t mind having their son’s girlfriend over so I used to often stay back at his place if we were going to a late night party or movie.

It was one of those nights, we’d gone for a movie and I decided to crash at his place. We were just chilling, listening to music when he kissed me and obviously, I kissed him back. There was no going back after that. Slowly we started to undress each other and found ourselves under his blanket in no time.

Within five minutes, however, I realized something. I wasn’t going to have an orgasm that night. It was not that I wasn’t turned on or I didn’t like what we were doing but some days you just know. I was too tired and sleepy to really put myself into it. But of course, I knew telling him this in the middle of everything would be a super turn off and could, eventually, lead to an argument.

Internal faking an orgasm

So I did the one thing I often advise people not to do - I tried faking an orgasm. I began to move my body in a sensual manner, pulling him closer so he knows I am enjoying this and began to moan a little. First, slowly and then with a bit of urgency. I couldn’t help but think how nice I sounded. Nothing like those pornstars who always sounded fake to me, I sounded very natural and raw. I guess even when I was trying to fake it I was doing it with good intentions and great conviction.

What I hadn’t taken into account, however, was the fact that the moans would actually turn him on more! He pulled me closer and just the mere passion of that act woke me up from my dream like state.

Even I can’t believe it now when I say it but I actually got turned on too while trying to fake an orgasm. Since I felt quite active and horny now, I didn’t see why I could not actually put in some efforts and instead of just faking it, try to get one for real.

I turned him around and climbed on top and, well, like they say… The rest is pure blissful orgasmic history!

*Names changed to protect privacy. 

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