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#HeSays: 17 Thoughts A Guy Has When His Girlfriend Undresses!

#HeSays: 17 Thoughts A Guy Has When His Girlfriend Undresses!

You ladies might think that guys don't find anything as fascinating as watching a football game on the television, but let us just say this - NOT true. There are so many things that are way more entertaining - like watching you undress, for example! Now that's something we look forward to each and every day. Here is what guys think when girls undress in front of them - specifically our girlfriends, of course!

1. Is she...taking her clothes off? Is she not?

2. Oh, she definitely is. There goes her jacket.

3. This is seriously my favourite part of the day.

4. Oh, wait, no, THIS is my favourite part - when her shirt comes off.

4 what guys think when girls undress

5. Does she have any idea how much this is turning me on?

6. Maybe she does and that's why she's going so slow…

7. This is torture.

8. Those buttons can't possibly take this long to get undone…

8 what guys think when girls undress

9. Now that damn zipper…

10. Maybe I should help her with that?

11. It's not easy to just lay back and watch her, but damn! It sure is fun!

12. Oh, I love it when she leaves her heels on. SO hot!

12 what guys think when girls undress

13. Is she...calling me to her? Is that an invite?

14. Oh, yes. It's time. I'm going in.

15. As soon as I memorize this scene in front of me forever, though!

16. DAMN. She looks so sexy.

16 what guys think when girls undress

17. I've been waiting for this all night. Now THIS is the best part of my day… No, seriously this time!

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Published on May 5, 2017
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