11 Girls Share… The One Fashion Item They’ll Never Wear!

11 Girls Share… The One Fashion Item They’ll Never Wear!

Let’s admit it ladies, there are certain trends we have all developed an aversion towards. We have no problem if other people flaunt the same, but we all know of at least one trend that we can never personally get on board with. No matter how stylish it is! 11 of us from Team POPxo decided to reveal fashion items we will never wear and why! Have fun reading!

1. Chokers - Of Any Kind!

1 fashion items we will never wear

‘I don’t think there’s a choker that I have seen and liked! I have seen quite a variety… from metal, lace, cloth and leather. But, it’s just one trend that I can’t get myself to try, ever. I feel like it’s going to choke me and that just makes me feel very, very uncomfortable. I can’t imagine wearing one the entire day! The trend looks great on a lot of girls, but for me it’s a definite no!’ -Somya Suresh, Senior Write & Copy Editor

2. Colourful Crocs

2 fashion items we will never wear

‘I would never ever put myself through the horror of wearing crocs. Like seriously, it’s hard for me to understand why people ever wear them! Crocs do nothing to flatter your outfit or your figure or your overall look. They only end up spoiling an otherwise well put together look in my opinion. So yup, never will I ever, even at home or even as bathroom slippers, ever wear crocs. Not even if my chappals broke while shopping in Sarojini Nagar, nope!’ - Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer

3. Denim Hotpants

3 fashion items we will never wear

‘I have always preferred shorts which have a bit of a flair to them or basically the ones that look like skater skirts because I know they flatter my body type. The one time I ever wore denim hotpants, I regretted the decision instantly. They stuck to my thunder thighs a little too tightly and then started to ride up every time I sat down or got up. So by the end of the day, I was pulling them out of very weird places. Never again have I ever worn them. I guess sometimes, it’s best to stick with what you know.’ - Isheeta Sharma, Senior Lifestyle Writer

4. Low-rise Bottoms

4 fashion items we will never wear

‘I’ll always stay clear of low-rise bottoms, be it jeans or trousers or shorts. I cannot leave my house knowing there are chances of accidental butt ‘peek-a-boos’! And for a person like me, who loves denim everything, you can probably understand my cringing. Thank goodness high-rise bottoms made their way back! I can die in peace knowing the world is in better pants!’ - Sayunkta Jain, Editorial Coordinator

5. Kitten Heels

5 fashion items we will never wear

‘I have never been able to warm up to kitten heels. The awkward length of the heel really puts me off. Neither do they add any significant height to my look, nor do they flatter my big calves. I've always stayed away from kitten heels and will surely never invest in them!’ - Srishti Sabharwal, Fashion Writer

6. Flared Pants

6 fashion items we will never wear

‘Personally, I feel that flared pants are so 70's. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem in revamping certain things from different eras, fashion is all about that, but I don’t think flared pants should have made a comeback. I mean, a person wants to look tall and there's nothing about these pants that'd make you look tall, is it? You need to be tall and slim to pull them off, but I feel that if only a small number of women can pull it off (read tall and slim women), then it is not the mark of a good trend.’ - Sonali Pawar, Beauty Writer & Editorial Coordinator

7. Shorts + Skirts… Skorts!

7 fashion items we will never wear

‘You know those shorts that have a flap on the front to pretend that they’re actually skirts? Yeah, I hate them. I see a lot of girls effortlessly carry them and team them up with fun tops but for me, they’ve never worked! I dislike them for two very valid reasons. First, they confuse me with the mind games they play- is it a skirt, are they shorts? You’ll never know! Second, I can never ever work them. They don’t suit my body type and I feel really self conscious wearing them. Plus, in my opinion, the chances of getting a wedgie are higher in these skorts. A huge no-no for me!’ - Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

8. Leather Pants

8 fashion items we will never wear

‘No can do. No. Just no! A lot of people rave about how cool leather pants are, but to me they are just clingy and icky and uncomfortable! They are a nightmare in most of the seasons and even when the weather is pleasant, I cannot imagine squeezing my body into them! Just look at what happened to Ross in Friends!’ - Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor

9. Floater Sandals

9 fashion items we will never wear

‘The one thing I’ll never wear is definitely floater sandals. And even though I used to wear them alot when I was in my school, I realised they make me feet look unflattering and so, I decided I’ll never wear them. I look like the cartoon Bigfoot if I wear them. So yeah, it’s a total no-no!’ - Shivani Shrivastava, Trending Editor

10. Sequin Dresses

10 fashion items we will never wear

‘Adding a dash of sparkle to an outfit is totally fine, but when an entire dress is covered with shiny metallic sequins, I’m scared I’ll resemble a disco ball! Not only do sequins make your skin feel itchy, but it also makes a pretty difficult outfit to pull off as well. Personally, I’m extremely fond of pastels and earthy coloured fabric. These colour tones feel light and are aesthetic to look at.’ - Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer

11. Crop Tops

11 fashion items we will never wear

‘The crop top revival has been crazy. The last time it was in trend was the 90s and suddenly the bare midriff trend invaded every clothing brand.This is one kind of trend that looks great on catwalk models but sets off alarm bells in real life, unless paired with high-waist bottoms. Only committed ones can pull it off really well but for most, it just induced skin show and nervousness. This is definitely one trend I feel is best for me to leave at the very back of my closet.’ - Apoorva Poonia, Trending Writer