10 Little Ways To Make The Week Before The Wedding AWESOME!

10 Little Ways To Make The Week Before The Wedding AWESOME!

Shaadi ke pehle, that one week before the festivities, the madness, the dance, the drama, the ceremonies begin - that week is for you to keep, to make the most of, and to make it truly awesome and memorable. Your shopping, planning, trousseau packing...it’s all done. And now is the time to really let go, relax, spend time with your dear ones and just take a break from it all before you take the plunge. Here are 10 ways to make the week before your wedding...awesome!

1. Mumma & me…

You need to dedicate one day to some serious mother-daughter bonding. You’ve both been busy planning the wedding, but now that most of the work is done, take a day off to just be yourselves. Be it going out for a movie and lunch or just whipping up a new dish in the kitchen, you know she’ll truly cherish this time spent with you.

1 the week before your wedding

2. Pamper me pretty

Enough of the painful waxing sessions...it’s time to hit the spa for a luxurious massage! To calm your senses, to relax your body and to rejuvenate your mind. Indulge in a nice long massage therapy, follow it up with a steam bath and a hot oil head massage. Now isn’t the thought of it all totally tempting?!

3. A night stay with the girls

Done with the bachelorette, the weekend club hopping and crazy party scenes? A week before the wedding demands the good ol’ night stay with all your besties. When you can all just chill in your pajamas, talk about random things, eat your heart out and basically just have a lot of crazy fun! Sounds like a plan?!

3 the week before your wedding

4. Go on a sneaky date with bae

Remember those days when you lied to mum to go on that long drive with your then boyfriend and now hubby-to-be? It was just too exciting, right?! So one last time, before it’s all too official, go out on that date with him...without telling anyone. Cook up a story, whatever it may be, and spend some time with him alone. Your last date as girlfriend and boyfriend!

5. A family staycation

You know how a shaadi ka ghar can sometimes be very overwhelming. With all your suitcases packed, you and your family are bound to feel emotional. Also, there is just too much around and people keep popping in all the time. So book a hotel in your city and take off with your family for a night. It’ll be just the sort of a getaway you’ll all be looking for.

5 the week before your wedding

6. Spend a day in your bed

Your awesome li’l bed that you’re going to miss so much. And you do know that in the coming days, sleep will be far far left behind. Also, once you and hubby shift into your new home, the sudden responsibilities of running a house may require you to wake up early on weekends too. So take this opportunity and just sleep in! All day long!

7. A wild night out

Get your besties, your cousins, sister and all the special people together and go out for that one awesome wild night out. Just let go and dance the night away before you turn from one to two. Trust us, a night like this is just what the bride-to-be needs.

7 the week before your wedding

8. Send each other handwritten notes

Aww...now isn’t that adorable?! Make the week before your wedding truly romantic by exchanging handwritten love notes every time you both meet at any of those pre-wedding functions. Or if that’s not possible, you could just write each other a note every day of the week and exchange these on your wedding night.  

9. Go down memory lane

How nice would it be if you sat down with your family and went through those old family photos?! Your first birthday, that eventful trip to Shimla, the first day at school, your graduation day...so many moments, so many memories and so many emotions behind each of these. As you step into your new life in just a few days, a trip down the memory lane will be beautiful.

9 the week before your wedding

10. Binge eat!

Have you been watching your diet in the last few months? Yeah, we know you’ve given up on most of your favourite foods to fit into that dream wedding lehenga. And let us also tell you that the bride and groom hardly ever get to enjoy the food during the wedding ceremonies. So dedicate one day to hogging on all that you love. Mom’s home cooked rajma, extra cheese pizza, hot chocolate brownie and all else! Sounds awesome, right?!

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