10 Ways A Guy’s Life Changes… After Getting Married!

10 Ways A Guy’s Life Changes… After Getting Married!

Okay girls, this is a safe space to admit that we tend to make weddings all about us. While we agree that no one is more important than the bride (DUH!), we should also acknowledge that it’s not just our life that changes in the process of getting married. Yup, that’s right; he experiences a whirlwind of change too. Here are the following ways in which his life changes after marriage with his new ‘Husband’ tag!

1. He suddenly feels a lot more responsible.

Marrying you has made him feel grown up all of a sudden. He recognizes that he needs to leave his childish ways behind. This may be a difficult thought, but it’s something that weighs on his mind more than you know!

1 his life changes after marriage

2. He may not be used to sharing his space...

Whether you two live with the in-laws or by yourselves, fact is that he is used to his space. Suddenly he has a roomie who wants more shelf space, more cupboard space and let’s face it – more bathroom space! Now that’s a major change in his book.

3. He’s adapting to all the socializing

He may not be used to the million plans you guys are now a part of. Lunches, dinners, parties and miscellaneous occasions with his family, your family, two sets of cousins, friends, colleagues etc might just be a culture shock for him – more so if he’s normally a reserved guy. It could take some time to adjust to this hectic social calendar.

3 his life changes after marriage

4. He feels super protective all of a sudden

The husband tag makes him feel like at all points he’s got to watch out for you. This is kind of adorable if you really think about it! If you feel like he’s overdoing it, have a conversation with him. But more often than not, this ‘protectiveness’ is coming from a good place!

5. He has to learn the balancing act

Now we don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes and assume that he’s always caught between his wife and mother. Having said that, we will include this point because getting married does mean that you have to watch out for the wants, needs, and comforts of your partner. So yes, it may indeed come to the point that he has to learn the subtle art of balance; one that he couldn’t even bother with in the good old days.

5 his life changes after marriage

6. Not enough Boys Night Outs

He may not say this to you but he misses his friends. Back in his single days, he’d probably be out chilling with them (and even playing video games) till the wee hours of the morning. This has since become a rare occurrence and he misses having the time to do that.

7. Society pressures are new to him

We girls are subject to this from such an early age that by the time we are older, we are (or should be) totally immune. But random people commenting on when you guys should have kids etc – these kinds of things really get to him. He doesn’t know how to react as this is all very new to him.

7 his life changes after marriage

8. He becomes way more serious about his career

This is a natural progression of wanting a better life ahead with you.  Suddenly he finds himself thinking about his career growth, work opportunities, promotions, etc. He wants to try his best and excel in his field like never before.

9. Lack of ‘me time’

Much like all of us need our ‘me time’, he does too. This could mean playing his guitar on a Sunday, watching Formula One when the race is on or even just lounging around in his shorts without having had a bath (yep, boys love their piggy ways!) – he probably isn’t finding time to do the things he once did. Don’t judge him for craving, wanting, or missing his ‘me time’.

9 his life changes after marriage

10. He thinks of YOU first

This is the biggest and most lovely change that has occurred in his life. No matter what the situation or occasion, he put you before anything else. For all you know, this is totally not how he used to be but marriage changed him. And he’s better for it.

These are just few of the ways in which his life has changed too, so remember that before you run out of patience with him next time or accuse him of not understanding where you come from. He may upset you at times, but he’s also trying to adjust to his new role.

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