10 *Game Changers* That’ll Make A BIG Difference To Your Style!

10 *Game Changers* That’ll Make A BIG Difference To Your Style!

Remember, It’s ALL in the details, ladies! A pair of heels and a nice bag can really make your outfit go from drab to fab in seconds. It is obviously important to focus on dressing well, but there are some tiny details that can have a big impact on your overall look. Here are 10 little wardrobe game changers every college girl must invest in!

1. Printed Bag

1 wardrobe game changers

A colourful and cutesy printed bag is all you need to add a splash of colour to any outfit. You should invest in one printed bag that complements almost everything you own. This bag will work best with a plain t-shirt and jeans combo!

POPxo Recommends: Floral Print Sling Bag (Rs 720)  

2. Tassel Necklace

2 wardrobe game changers

When it comes to a simple top or dress, you surely do need some jewellery to amp up your look. Tassels are our current favourite and will make any outfit look on trend. For a boho chic vibe, wear a colourful tassel necklace with any simple outfit.

POPxo Recommends: Beaded Tassel Necklace (Rs 399)

3. Denim Vest

3 wardrobe game changers

When it’s getting too hot and you can’t wear a denim jacket over a maxi dress, try a denim vest instead. You won’t feel too hot and it’ll make your outfit look well put together! A little bit of layering always goes a long way girls!

POPxo Recommends: Sleeveless Denim Jacket (Rs 1,600)

4. A Vibrant Clutch

4 wardrobe game changers

Simple, classic outfits need a vibrant clutch to add a pop of colour and personality to the look. A beaded, tasseled or printed clutch will add life and a dash of fun to any crisp outfit!   

POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Clutch (Rs 801)

5. Sliders

5 wardrobe game changers

Sliders are a chic version of flip flops. They might be as comfortable as flip flops, but don’t look as casual as slippers do. It’s no wonder the Kardashians love them! Sliders, in fact, can add a stylish twist to any casual look. Invest in one of these to nail summer style!

POPxo Recommends: See Through Sliders(Rs 999)

6. Block Heels

6 wardrobe game changers

Block heels made a huge comeback last year and we really couldn’t be more thankful! Whether it’s a plain black dress or a simple outfit, a pair of block heels can make anything look SO chic! Invest in block heels that are a little colourful so you can wear them with basic outfits to make a statement.

POPxo Recommends: Fuchsia Strap Heels (Rs 1,445)

7. Really Nice Sunglasses

7 wardrobe game changers

A pair of really classy sunglasses can go a long way! They’re a closet essential for every girl, no matter how old. Especially during college, when you will have to travel in the scorching heat, sunglasses are a must! Needless to say that they can make any outfit look great and super classy!

POPxo Recommends: Classic Sunglasses (Rs 999)

8. Corset Belts

8 wardrobe game changers

The right fit is everything. We all have dresses and tops that if cinched at the waist, can look quite glamorous. It’s essential to own a corset belt for this reason. These belts do what a regular belt can’t. Corset belts accentuate your curves and add structure to the outfit. Plus, they’re so high on style!

POPxo Recommends: Corset Belt (Rs 799)

9. A Cute Cover Up

9 wardrobe game changers

While summer is pretty much all about wearing sleeveless styles, they can look slightly casual for work. And not all of us can go sleeveless every day, especially when we’re in between waxing appointments, right? When you have a meeting to attend or just want to give your basic dress a stylish spin, a summery cover up is definitely the way to go! Get them in all your fave colours, prints and cuts for a relaxed but trendy silhouette.

POPxo Recommends: Printed Kimono Shrug (Rs 1,695)

10. A Classy Watch

10 wardrobe game changers

A nice watch is the best accessory any girl can wear. It’s minimal and doesn’t need any add-ons. For a polished look, don’t forget to wear a watch that speaks elegance and class. When your outfit is blingy enough and doesn’t need accessories, a watch is perfect to put together a neat look.

POPxo Recommends: Titan Raga Watch (Rs 6,995)

Happy shopping, ladies!

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