10 Kinds Of Desi Brides… Which One Of Them Is *Your* Bestie?!

10 Kinds Of Desi Brides… Which One Of Them Is *Your* Bestie?!

A wedding is a super special affair, and every girl wants hers to be just perfect! While some brides want to leave all the planning to their family and friends, some want to take full charge. There are some brides who will settle for nothing less than a princess wedding, whereas some would want a full-on filmy dhinchak affair! In this article, we introduce to you, 10 types of brides that exist, so read on and pinpoint which category your soon-to-be bride bestie falls into.

1. The Master Wedding Planner Bride

This one has probably been planning her wedding since she hit her teens, and she’s got everything planned right down till the last detail. Trust us, her wedding needs to be perfect with the whole package of everything awesome. She needs no ideas from others because, well, years of research has been done here.

2. The ‘I Will Do It ALL By Myself’ Bride

Say hello Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. This bride wants to do all the planning by herself, and the execution too, because she believes that no one can do it all as perfectly as she can. Even when everything is going according to plan, she is likely to hyperventilate and worry about everything!

2 types of brides

3. The ‘Lehenga Toh Designer Hona Chahiye’ Bride

To create a mental image for you, this bride is Alia Bhatt from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya! Looking at her, you are likely to wonder if she is getting married for the thrill of shopping and dressing up like a princess, or to be with the love of her life! To be honest, it’s a mix of both. *Wink*

4. The Sentimental Bride

To put it simply, this princess-like bride is overly emotional and sentimental about EVERYTHING. Dressed in her mother’s wedding dress, adorning an heirloom jewellery piece... She is likely to cry buckets at the drop of a hat. And don't even get us started on how things would be during her vidaai ceremony!

4 types of brides

5. The Bollywood Buff Bride

This one has grown up watching DDLJ and K3G and expects her wedding celebrations and attire to be no less dramatic and filmy than the real Bollywood sets. Expect a whole lot of Bollywood songs and performances with an over-the-top filmy proposal skit on her big day or at the sangeet!

6. The ‘My Wedding Is All About Me’ Bride

The perfect prototype of this bride would be Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met who says, ‘Main apni favourite hoon.’ That says it all! She totally loves herself and since her wedding planning has brought her into the limelight… There is nothing more that she wants! And let us point out to you ladies, she also believes that this wedding is also about her one true love, the groom-to-be!

6 types of brides

7. The Bridezilla

Be prepared for a lot of yelling and screaming as Miss Bridezilla is not satisfied easily! Almost nothing feels right to her on the first go, whether it is her outfit fitting, the flower decorations or the food tasting. Most of her friends and family walk on eggshells when around her during the wedding planning stage, lest they say or do something that annoys her.

Our tip: Beware of this one.

8. The Anti-Shaadi Bride

This one wants to break all rules, defy all traditional ceremonies and have it her own way. She wants to do everything that a typical bride would NOT do, and her wedding celebration is likely to be super fun, and not too traditional!

8 types of brides

9. The Lazy Bride

Her shopping, outfit measurements, decor selection and everything else is left to be done at the very last moment. She is the bride who spends her entire courtship lazing around, doing her usual thing, only to pull up her socks right when the wedding date is around the corner. Don’t be offended if you receive her wedding invite at the end moment.

10. The Super Fun Bride

This fun loving bride is having a wedding ceremony just to kick start her marriage (which is the real deal for her). So, instead of being worried about the traditions and managing tedious celebrations, she is most likely to have a beach side or themed wedding where she, of all of the people, has a super fun time!

10 types of brides

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