10 *Genius* Tips To Look Fresh & FAB At Every Summer Wedding!

10 *Genius* Tips To Look Fresh & FAB At Every Summer Wedding!

Summer is here and so is the timely muhurat for all the people who are getting married this season. Lucky are those who get to escape the heat and get married in a cooler place, or even attend a wedding there. But for the rest of us, who have a series of invitation cards lying at home, here are some basic pointers on how you can plan your summer wedding wardrobe efficiently, and beat the heat while looking classy!

1. Smart fabric choice.

1 summer wedding

Image: Ayinat Official on Instagram

This is an absolute no brainer. Wearing fabrics that are cool and let you breathe is not only going to ensure that you are comfortable, it also suits the weather. Chanderis have a fair amount of cotton in them and are very lightweight, thus work beautifully and give that rich look too. Other than that, opt for georgettes, and give velvets and silks a miss.

2. Do away with the dupatta.

2 summer wedding

Image: Tisha_Official on Instagram

A dupatta in the hot summer months is just an added layer to your already heavy wedding ensemble. Either pick a style that doesn’t require a dupatta along with it - like dhoti pants, a cape blouse - or if you’re wearing a lehenga, ditch that dupatta altogether, girl!

3. Try silhouettes that aren’t body fitting.

3 summer wedding

Image: Sukriti and Aakriti on Instagram

Think shararas, tiered anarkalis, long jackets, skirts with kurtis and loose sleeves. They not only look fashionable, but also add that extra comfort that will make you have one less thing to worry about at the wedding. Also, sweat patches and rashes can be avoided this way.  

4. Pastels and ivories for the win!

4 summer wedding

Image: Koecsh by Kresha Bajaj on Instagram

Delicate pastels in rose, pista green, mint, mauve and powder blue are the colours in trend and they come with a hint of summer intrinsically. Even something that has self coloured embroidery works well. Ivories and whites are always going to remain a summer favorite, so indulge in these.

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5. Embroidery & embellishments in the right place.

5 summer wedding

Image: Ridhi Mehra Official On Instagram

Of course, we love embroidery and embellishments, but make sure that they don’t land up at the wrong places. Embroidery on the chest area of the blouse can land up irritating the skin, and embroidery around the waist can poke into the skin and make you feel uneasy, so avoid that!

6. Fusion wear tricks!

6 summer wedding

Image: Payal Khandwala on Instagram

If you’re wearing a lehenga, ditch that heavy blouse and pair it with a crisp white shirt instead. You can also opt for a minimal crop top that’s basic. It will unclutter your ensemble and that way, you will have separates that balance your look and help you stay cool!

7. Try necklines and sleeves that are not too covered.

7 summer wedding

Image: Anju Modi on Instagram

Avoid full sleeves, high princess necks and high backs. These will make you feel stuffed and there will be less room for air to go in and out. Instead, go for deeper backs, sweetheart necklines, cap sleeves or elbow sleeves.

8. Floral prints work like magic!

8 summer wedding

Image: Anushree Reddy Design on Instagram

Come spring and our love for floral prints is at an all-time high. From bags to shoes to our ensembles, we can’t help but add some floral detailing into our outfits. Make sure to balance it out though. Take a skirt that has a print on it and combine it with plain or an embellished blouse and dupatta.

9. Minimal jewellery, please.

9 summer wedding

Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram

We always want to keep it blingy and OTT with our jewellery when we attend weddings. But you really don’t want to be sweating and feeling hot with all that jewellery sitting over your heavy duty Indian wear. Go for simpler pieces and minimal designs instead of semi-bridal jewellery. Another trick you can use is to give the neckpiece a miss and opt for a pair of statement earrings instead! The key is to balance the look.

10. Keep the makeup light and go for an updo.

10 summer wedding

Image: Tarun Tahiliani on Instagram

Even though shimmer and shine is in, go for eyeshadows and lipsticks in soft, dewy shades that aren’t too shiny or creamy. Creamy products tend to bleed quickly in hot and humid weather. Long flowing hair looks lovely but can be hard to maintain on a hot summer day, so try a sleek ponytail or a gorgeous updo for a neat look that’s comfy too.