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10 Tips To Plan The Perfect ‘Sexcation’ With Your Husband!

Srishti Gupta

Senior Lifestyle Writer

Tired of the city life and everyday routine? Well, ladies, a fun idea would be to plan a sexcation with your husband, every once in a while. This will not only help the two of you bond and spend some time just with each other, but it will also lead to rediscovering one another (ahem ahem!)! Here are 10 simple tips to help you plan the perfect sexcation with your husband. With these, you’re sure to have the time of your life!

1. Choose The Place Carefully

For sexcations, select a city you can completely relax in, one that does not have too many activities going on for tourists. A busy city, or one with too much to do will distract you from the real focus - each other!

1 plan the perfect sexcation

2. Pack The Right Kind Of Clothes

Don’t end up packing a lot of lingerie and not enough of other clothes. Your husband might want to take you out for a romantic dinner or for some ‘dirty dancing’ perhaps, so make it a point to be prepared and look your stylish best

3. Select Appropriate Accommodation

This really does depend from couple to couple. Discuss with your partner what you like better - the comfort of a hotel or having your personal space as provided by a serviced apartment!

4. Take A Break From Social Media

This vacation is only for the two of you. Forget about social media for a few days and try a social media detox. Plus, this will help you escape real life and make up your own fantasy world. Build this sort of excitement way ahead of time, we say.

4 plan the perfect sexcation

5. Plan A Few Activities

While you may wish to have sex 24*7, realistically, you’ll be having sex a little less than that. So, make sure you plan a few activities, here and there, with your partner to heat things up a little. A night of dancing in the club or skinny dipping in the pool with set the mood perfectly!

6. Book Ahead Of Time

Don’t leave all the planning to last minute. Things may become more expensive (and probably out of budget) and that’ll just end up ruining your mood a little. You may also end up not getting the hotel or apartment that you really wanted to stay at!

7. Carry Some Sexy Games

It’ll be a good idea to carry a few sex games with you. It’ll help you experiment in bed as well as make things more interesting. A pack of cards with different sex positions to try or a pair of dice that gives different places and different moves are some options.

7 plan the perfect sexcation

8. Decide The Best Time To Travel

If you’re going to a beach, ensure you aren’t going when it’s usually monsoon there or if you’re going to a hilly area, it shouldn’t be too cold. You don’t want weather to be a party pooper on your trip!

9. Smell Nice

Make sure you smell nice all throughout the trip. Carry along body mists, perfumes and lotions that make you feel fresh and smell nice. After all, that is a huge turn on as well!

10. Indulge In A Little Role Play

Make it a point to spend at least one night with both of you doing some sort of role play! Dress up, go to a bar, pretend to be strangers and pick each other up. This will surely turn the heat up and how!

10 plan the perfect sexcation

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Published on May 19, 2017
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