11 Things You Do That DON’T Make You An Imperfect Girlfriend

11 Things You Do That DON’T Make You An Imperfect Girlfriend

Dear girl, you’ll come across a zillion articles on how to be the perfect girlfriend and the lists can be oh-so-exhausting, not to mention misleading. No one is perfect and frankly, you don't have to be, especially when the idea of perfection is itself, flawed. There are some things in life worth taking a stand for and you do not need to compromise on who you are just to fit into the conventional (and absolutely baseless) definition of perfect. So, here are a few things it's more than okay to do in a relationship. Do not let anyone tell you that you are any less of a person, less loving a girlfriend or an 'imperfect girlfriend' just because you believe in these.

1. Sharing your feelings and concerns at the cost of sounding oversensitive

Being honest with your partner is important and so is sharing any concerns regarding your or relationship or otherwise. You guys are supposed to be each other's strongest support, after all.

2. Standing by your own principles

It is okay to stand strongly by what you believe in and voice your beliefs. And don’t you at any point think that you need to compromise on your principles to make the relationship work!

2 imperfect girlfriend

3. Not changing things about yourself that essentially make you who you are, just to fit the guy’s image of a perfect girlfriend

Nothing and no one is perfect. Love is about accepting each other, quirks and all. You’re amazing just the way you are.

4. It’s okay to have your off days when you just want to be all by yourself

Needing a little space from your sweetheart is perfectly normal and healthy, so don’t feel sorry about it at all. And as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

4 imperfect girlfriend

5. Breaking down and being an emotional mess (once in awhile)

As Marilyn Monroe said, ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.’

6. Putting forth your opinion when you know he will disagree

Because strong relationships are based on honest communication, discussions, and disagreements. Love is about wanting to be with each other despite all the differences.

6 imperfect girlfriend

7. Driving him a tad bit crazy… While you’re PMSing!

This is every girl’s birthright and she must have it. It happens only once a month! *Wink wink*

8. At times, putting your work and career before him

The logic is simple - like other parts of your life, your career and relationship are also equally important parts of your life. And no matter what anyone tells you… You have every right to work hard and prioritize your ambitions!

8 imperfect girlfriend

9. Being yourself

Whether that means burping after a heavy meal, spending your periods in your ugly but super cute pink PJs or even munching like a baby dinosaur.

10. Not always doing things his way

Ditching his fave superhero movies to watch a romcom or going to the restaurant of your choice is alright! And if your guy believes in my way or the highway, then he might as well take the highway and disappear.

10 imperfect girlfriend

11. Saying NO

When you are not in a mood for some hanky-panky, or when something doesn't sit well with your principles, saying NO is perfectly alright, girl! Besides, no guy wants to be with a girl who agrees to everything because ain’t no fun in that, right?

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