15 Crazy Thoughts Every Bride Has On Her Wedding Night!

15 Crazy Thoughts Every Bride Has On Her Wedding Night!

7 pheras and endless nights of celebrations later, you two are married. And now, you can’t wait to be alone in your room and make love, for the first time as husband and wife. This first, like most others, will stay etched in your memory forever, but while you are at it, many thoughts will race through your mind. Here are 15 such thoughts that girls have when they, for the first time, have sex after marriage.

1. ‘Finally! I thought those relatives would never leave me and Mr. Husband alone. They were more excited than us about our first night together. *Rolls eye*’

1 sex after marriage

2. ‘But, maybe, we won’t do it tonight, you know? I mean, he must be tired too after the week long celebrations.’

3. ‘I’ll still change into my pretty lingerie, though. Just in case. *Giggles*’

4. ‘SO glad I changed! Mr. Husband is visibly having trouble keeping his hands off me. This night’s gonna be fun. We can always sleep in late tomorrow…”

4 sex after marriage

5. ‘Ohh…how good a kisser is he?!’

6. ‘Don’t stop, boy. Don’t stop.’

7. ‘*Clothes flying off* Wow, is he quick or what?’

7 sex after marriage

8. ‘I am naked. So is he. Oh my God. Is this really happening?’

9. ‘I am kinda shy and kinda not… what is this feeling?’

10. ‘Are we going to do it tonight? Please God, let it be good. Riya said first times set the tone for life.’

10 sex after marriage

11. ‘I can’t believe I am in this room, naked with my husband. HUSBAND. Wow, it’s such an alien world. Can’t believe I am married. I don’t feel married, you know…’

12. ‘…To think that I’d be having sex with this man, all my life… *Why will my brain not shut up and focus on the amazing things my body is feeling right now?*’

13. ‘Riya would be dying to know all that I am doing tonight, though! *Chuckles*’

13 sex after marriage

14. ‘Oh wait, is he getting on top??? Where’s that damned condom, now?’

15. ‘Here we go…’

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