#HeSays: 10 Thoughts EVERY Guy Who Is A Virgin Has Had!

#HeSays: 10 Thoughts EVERY Guy Who Is A Virgin Has Had!

To be honest, we don't think guys and girls are all that different - especially when it comes to certain things. Like sex. We think our opinions and thoughts about sex - before actually having had it - would be pretty similar to that of a girl's. But we'll let you be the judge of it - here are a few thoughts every virgin guy has had. So…read on, and let us know what the verdict is!

1. I'm SO ready to have sex.

No, really, I think it's time. Seriously!

2. But does it actually hurt girls THAT much the first time?

If yes, how is a guy suppose to handle that situation?

3. How will I even know what to do - when it is time to do stuff?

Is there a manual? Or, like, a listicle or something? Even bullet points would do!

3 thoughts every virgin guy has

4. How do I tell her that I'm a virgin, though?

That's going to be an awkward conversation. Do I really even need to mention it?

5. I hope I'm big enough...

But does size really matter?

6. I should hit the gym.

Sex doesn't really look that easy, if you know what I mean.

6 thoughts every virgin guy has

7. How long does it have to last, though?

The bare minimum...the first time around?

8. Okay, I take it back, maybe I'm not so ready for sex.

I mean, it could wait another year, right?

9. But all this ‘bro talk’ about sex is really making me feel like it'll all be okay.

But why does every guy think I'm asking for tips?

9 thoughts every virgin guy has

10. Okay, whatever, it'll happen when it has to happen.

Good things take time, right?

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