17 Thoughts Every Newlywed Had When She Misses Her Period!

17 Thoughts Every Newlywed Had When She Misses Her Period!

Nothing scares a newlywed woman like a delayed period. It makes her replay every single night of passion, zoom in on every lapse and conjure up a future of wailing children. If you’ve just been married, we’re sure you’d know the horror of missing your period. Here are 17 crazy thoughts every newlywed had when she misses her period.

1. ‘What’s the date, again? Oh, it’s only 23rd. We’ve still got three more days to go.’

2. ‘Look at me counting down days to my period. It’s funny how I can’t wait for my eggs to break!’

3. ‘I should get my period today.’ *Keeps checking throughout the day*

4. ‘Why didn’t I get my period already? Is something wrong?’

4 misses her period

5. ‘But, it shouldn’t be. I mean, we use protection, always.’

6. ‘Except, we didn’t, that night!’ *Gasps*

7. ‘Oh no. Oh no. I am pregnant. I can’t do this. I can’t children. I am children!!’

8. *Texts the husband* ‘Listen, I didn’t get my period. Buy a pregnancy test kit on your way home, okay?’

8 misses her period

9. ‘He is right, though. It’s been just one day and it’s not like my periods hold a record for being on time. Maybe I am just freaking out?’

10. ‘Can’t even pop a pill now. It’s too late.’

11. *Calls her sister* ‘I know we shouldn’t have, but what do I do, now? Do you think I may be pregnant?’

12. ‘She’s right. The chances are low, but then, Mahima got pregnant on her honeymoon. Imagine that!’

12 misses her period

13. ‘Please universe, save me this one time. I promise, I won’t forget this deal I made with you, even in the midst of an exploding orgasm.’

14. ‘But what if, what if I did get pregnant?’ *Imagines a little child wailing and shrieking, and completely freaks out*

15. ‘Wait a second…what is this pain?’

16. ‘Yaaaay! It's here. Phew. What a relief.’

16 misses her period

17. ‘Never have I ever been so happy, feeling this pain convulse every single muscle of my body. I solemnly pledge to this pain, to use protection, always!’

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