11 Little Things Your Hubby Is Probably Not Telling You!

11 Little Things Your Hubby Is Probably Not Telling You!

He’s your best friend, your soulmate and your happily ever after. But just like those harmless little secrets you’d rather keep to yourself, he has a few of his own too. And that’s perfectly fine! But in case you’re the inquisitive kinds, here’s a quick insight into your man’s world. Here are 11 little things your husband is not telling you!

1. He still watches porn from time to time… Just like every other guy!

Not all the time, not everyday, but he does watch it once in a while. And that’s okay! He does enjoy sex with you but he may feel like pleasuring himself on his own or watch that sexy new film when alone.

2. He can’t help but check out that pretty woman at the other table

Again, just like every other guy! It’s like how you can’t help but notice if a guy is cute, but it’s not like you’re going to act on it. Let’s all appreciate good looks, what say?!

2 things your husband is not telling you

3. He is working late nights just so he can fly you to Europe!

He’ll tell you that he’s got a big project to finish, but he’s actually working extra hours just so he can fly you to your dream holiday destination. And he’ll do everything in his capacity to make it happen. After all, he wants to do everything he can to make you happy.  

4. He isn’t telling you just how nice you look in that dress!

Decked up or not, he finds you attractive always! But he may not be great at giving compliments. So when he says you look pretty, he means that you’re the prettiest girl in the world and he can’t believe how lucky he is to have you in his life. Yeah, that’s actually how he feels.

4 things your husband is not telling you

5. He would love to try something new in bed

Like you, he would love to experiment, try new positions, spice things up a bit. So go ahead and take matters in your own hands. He’ll love it!

6. He wishes you’d decide where to eat a little bit faster!

He is not a mind reader and he gets no thrills out of trying to figure out what you want, where you want to go for dinner, why you are upset, etc. Men like it nice, clear and straight. Let’s not complicate things...naah!  

6 things your husband is not telling you

7. He desperately wants to go for that games night with the boys!

Your mom’s invited you both for dinner and he’s already got plans to watch that big game tonight. Well, being the sweetheart that he is, he’ll come along. But ladies, he deserves a night out with his boys, right?!

8. He still fantasizes about other women...

Cause’ everyone fantasizes about Megan Fox and Deepika Padukone! Just like you can’t keep your eyes off Ryan Gosling!

8 things your husband is not telling you

9. He lovesss his mumma ka khaana

Can’t blame him...she’s a great cook, right?! But he loves it when you make that special effort after work to make him a yummy yummy sandwich!

10. He doesn’t mind skipping sex on some nights

He’s exhausted and want’s to just hit the bed. But he’ll not say it once he knows you’re in the mood. And all said and done, in the end, he’ll only be too happy that you took the initiative. *Wink*

10 things your husband is not telling you

11. He loves you more than he says he does

And he misses you more than he says he does. Seeing you happy and smiling is his top most priority. But men are not too great at expressing their feelings. Just know that he loves you a lot, okay?!

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