10 Things You Do NOT Need To Put Up With In A Relationship

10 Things You Do NOT Need To Put Up With In A Relationship

A relationship requires effort, love, understanding and some level of adjustment too. But adjustment does not mean you should change who you are as a person. Here are 10 things you should never ever have to deal with in a relationship.

1. Cheating in any form

Both emotional and physical… This is one thing you should never have to put up with. Trust and honesty are two very important cornerstones of any relationship and cheating destroys both. There is no reason good enough for him to cheat on you and none good enough for you to even consider putting up with it.

1 deal with in a relationship

2. Being ignored

At times he may not be able to give you as much attention as you like and that's okay. But if he ignores you and your feelings way too often… Not taking your calls and not even calling you back, not replying to your messages and trying to escape any and every important discussion that you may want to have with him is just not done.

3. Disregard for your dreams and aspirations

Under no circumstances is it okay for him to belittle your aspirations or treat your dreams with any less importance than his. Even if he may not understand them, he should support you and motivate you to chase them.

3 deal with in a relationship

4. Being publically humiliated

This one is a big NO. A man who truly loves you will never humiliate or insult you and definitely never in a public setting. Even if you guys are having an argument, it shouldn’t be in front of the whole world to gawk at. Never put up with this, ladies.

5. Being body shamed

You are beautiful just the way you are. While it’s okay for him to motivate you to be healthier, he has no business body shaming you and calling you names for the way you look. Don’t let anyone maim your self-confidence… And, as a rule, a true gentleman will only boost your confidence, never bring it down.

5 deal with in a relationship

6. Too many secrets

It’s okay to not share everything with each other but there is a limit to how secretive one can be. If he constantly hides things from you… His phone, whereabouts, who he is with, his friends, etc. then you should have a word with him. This is not something you should have to constantly deal with.

7. Being the last person on his priority list

There will be times when more important things will come up, but if you feel that you are constantly at the bottom of his priority list then, ladies, he may need ‘the talk’. You are in a relationship with him but that does not mean he should be taking you for granted.

7 deal with in a relationship

8. Being told what to wear

You should wear whatever you are comfortable in. It may be a salwaar kameez, a mini skirt, a dress, jeans… Whatever. He should not be telling what to wear - unless you specifically ask him to. And moreover, you would never tell him what to wear unless he asked, would you?

9. Being restricted from hanging out with your friends

If he doesn’t understand how important your friends are for you then there’s something seriously wrong. When he has no restrictions when it comes to hanging out with his gang, why should you put up with any?

9 deal with in a relationship

10. Him being insecure about you doing better in your professional life

If you earn more than him or are in a better position as compared to him, that shouldn’t hurt his pride (read: ego). He should strive to do better rather than try to bring you down. If he is insecure about something like that, then you may need to rethink where your relationship is going.

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