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10 Awesome Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Clothes!

10 Awesome Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Clothes!

You may absolutely love buying new clothes and still feel like you never have enough, but have you ever wondered what was the use of those tiny studs on jeans pockets or about those small holes on Converse sneakers? Well here are 10 awesome things should know about your clothes! Go on and show off your incredible fashion IQ!

1. Tiny studs on the pockets of your jeans  

1 should know about your clothes

Jeans became popular because of their durability. They were worn by mine workers and the seams of the pockets would often tear due to the nature of their job. The studs on the pockets of jeans are called rivets and their only purpose is to strengthen the pockets and keep it from tearing! We bet you never knew that!

2. The patch on your backpack with an unknown purpose

2 should know about your clothes

Anybody who ever owned a backpack with a diamond patch on it, has stuck their fingers through it at least once. The actual reason you have a patch on your bag is to hold on to gear with cords to be strung through the opening. You could use it to hang your shoes or anything that has a cord!

3. Extra layer of fabric on your undies!

3 should know about your clothes

Ever noticed an extra layer of fabric on the crotch area of your panties? It might look like a little pocket but it surely isn’t one. It’s made of cotton for the purpose of hygiene and absorbency.   

4. The tiniest pocket on your jeans

4 should know about your clothes

These tiny little pockets may not be used anymore, but back in the day when jeans were just invented, these pockets were used by workers to keep their pocket watches safe. Pretty fascinating right? Considering jeans are our daily wear staple!

5. The loops inside tops you didn’t know what to do with!

5 should know about your clothes

We have to admit that these loops inside our tops and dresses are the most annoying thing ever! But they’re not there for no reason. These loops are meant to be used to hang clothes from on a hanger to keep them from stretching. Time to accept these loops just the way they are!  

6. The crease on trousers

6 should know about your clothes

Ever wondered why most trousers crease in a certain way? Back in the day when clothes were shipped from one country to another, they would be folded and kept in the shipping box in order to save space. Due to the folds, trousers would develop these creases. They’re now a fashion statement!

7. Those tiny holes on converse shoes

7 should know about your clothes

If you’re guessing that the only purpose of these holes is ventilation, don’t worry, you’re not wrong! But since basketball players wear these shoes, the holes could be used to tie laces as well, for better grip.  

8. Extra fabric that comes with new clothes

8 should know about your clothes

Pretty sure we all have thought that the purpose of this fabric was to be used as patches when our clothes tear. Guess what? That’s not really the purpose of this fabric! It’s given along with new clothes so we can check how different detergents work on it before putting the whole thing for a wash.

9. Pockets you can’t really put your hands in!  

9 should know about your clothes

Everytime we see pockets that are sewn shut, we can’t help but wonder ‘why are these even here?’. But the reason we have pockets that are sewn shut is for a better fit of jeans. We all know that the pocket linings get messed up when we try to use the pockets.

10. The camouflaged loop behind shirts

10 should know about your clothes

We always hang our shirts on hangers or by their collar. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be done! There’s a lop behind every shirt which is made solely for this purpose!

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