10 Things EVERY Girl Secretly Does… But Would Never Admit To!

10 Things EVERY Girl Secretly Does… But Would Never Admit To!

If it were up to us, we would make guys believe that we are fragile as snowflakes, with radiating skin which has never been victimised to acne and pimples, and bodies which are without a single ounce of belly fat bulging against our t-shirts. The fact of the matter is perfection is not all that great and women, in spite of the incessant public scrutiny, are also prone to behaviour which they’ll probably never admit to. Here’s a list of things women secretly do!

1. Social media stalking

If we are caught in the act, we’d probably blame it on a faulty internet connection or a keyboard which somehow autocorrects to the name of the person we were stalking. We are very nosy, we like knowing everything about the people we interact with and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

1 things women secretly do

2. Skip on showers

Sometimes we do away with the shower sesh because it is freezing outside or we are running late or maybe because we just don’t want to. The trick is to still be hygienic and smell like a dream.

3. Pick our nose

Yes, we know it kinda sounds disgusting but so is the idea of some phlegm chilling inside our nostrils - irritating and keeping us from breathing properly.

4. Dry shampoo to the rescue

Long hair or short, it is a lot of work to wash our hair more than once or twice every week. So we just wing it and spray copious amounts of dry shampoo or serum to get us through the days.

4 things women secretly do

5. Laundry day is the absolute worst  

There, we said it, women abhor doing laundry as much as men do. It is so time-consuming and it makes us regret the fact that we have been piling on unwashed clothes and undies through the week, and now our weekend is ruined, thanks to our own laziness.

6. We are ridiculously competitive

Regarding just about everything - academics, work, looking the best at a party. That’s also because there is so much at stake, what with the society never taking us seriously and all. When we are playing a sport, rest assured, we can even put the likes of Virat Kohli to shame.

7. Check boys out

Like all the time…but we know how to be subtle. We know how to not make the other person feel potentially unsafe while eyeing them with the corner of our eyes and conjuring up an alternate scenario about what would happen if we and they were to actually get together. And make pretty babies. There is really no end to our day dreaming.

7 things women secretly do

8. Body hair woes

We actually love our skin with body hair, it just feels smooth and well, natural. But we’d also rather die than step out in a pair of shorts without shaving our legs.

9. Stepping out wearing last night’s makeup

Why else was 24-hour long, smudge and waterproof products launched? So that our Sunday night’s makeup can effectively suffice for going to the office on Monday morning. A slight dab of lip gloss and we are good to go!

10. Get late… on purpose

Even when we have the whole day to get ready for an evening date, there is a sudden adrenaline rush to not do anything until it’s almost time to head out. And then, we like freaking out and losing our shit over things which were always in our control.

10 things women secretly do

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