17 Things People Say To Girls Who Haven’t Had Sex (But WHYYY?!)

17 Things People Say To Girls Who Haven’t Had Sex (But WHYYY?!)

Hey there, are you the only girl in your friend circle who hasn't had sex? Are you the butt of silly jokes and remarks that you’re absolutely tired of hearing and wonder why is it such a BIG thing anyway? Read on our compilation of 17 things that virgins are sick of hearing… Can people stop saying them already?!

1. ‘Is it a religious thing?’

OMG, how did you guess?! God ordained that I must protect my innocence. *Eyes Rolling*

2. ‘Are you seriously waiting for Mr. Perfect?’

You can’t blame a girl for waiting it out for her Prince Charming, a knight in shining armour, can you? Well, you can't assume that's the reason either!!

2 virgins are sick of hearing

3. ‘I hope it isn't to save your hymen or something, because that's most likely torn already, you know.’

I don’t need to be a biology student or to have sex to know these things, I hope you know that.

4. ‘Huh? But you look like a wild one!’

Keep talking, it makes you look like a stupid one!

4 virgins are sick of hearing

5. ‘How? You’re SO hot though!’

UGH. You don't get it, do you?

6. ‘Don't you feel frustrated?’

Like how I'm feeling now? Yup, you bet!

6 virgins are sick of hearing

7. ‘OMG, you have no idea what you’re missing out on!’

I’ll know exactly what I have been missing out on, eventually. For now, please don’t be the one to tell me?

8. ‘And your boyfriend is okay with that?’

Well, he better be, since it takes two, you know. But this is your concern because…?

8 virgins are sick of hearing

9. ‘NO WAY, you’re kidding me!’

Yes, of course, I sure do have a dark sense of humour. (Sense the sarcasm, PLEASE!)

10. ‘You must be really good at pleasing yourself to not miss having sex I guess.’

Bloody hell, how did you guess that? I sure as hell am!

11 virgins are sick of hearing

11. ‘Oh, you won't understand the feeling until you actually have sex.’

You don’t need to eat chocolate to know it’s sweet!

12. ‘It’s okay, sex is anyway really overrated and not that big a deal... Just saying!’

No shit, Sherlock! I have heard that before by a 100 million people, just saying.

17 virgins are sick of hearing

13. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll find somebody…’

Oh, I will? Thanks, I totally needed to hear that (NOT).

14. ‘But then your husband might say, “You know, nothing Jon Snow.”’

Tsh, tsh, tsh. You just voiced my greatest fear, NOW WHAT?

14 virgins are sick of hearing

15. ‘How will you become good at it, if you don't practice, babe?’

Practice makes a woman perfect after all. Completely forgot, my bad!

16. ‘Btw, the first time sucks, trust me!’

Free ka gyaan? Thanks but no thanks!

16.virgins are sick of hearing

17. ‘Having such high standards is clearly not taking you anywhere.’

Well, you know where my high standards are taking me? Away from you.

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