11 Things Brides Just Don't Need To Pack In Their Trousseau!

11 Things Brides Just Don't Need To Pack In Their Trousseau!

Well, shopping for the bridal trousseau starts way before the wedding. Sometimes, much before you’ve met your husband too. It’s all about the take alongs that your family or you have been collecting, after careful selection. While everyone has different needs and wants, there are certain things that you certainly do not need as part of your trousseau. Brides-to-be, here are 11 things you definitely don’t need to invest in as far as trousseau shopping goes. Take note, all of you!

1. Too Many Heavy Suits

You are super excited about being a bahu, you forget that soon you’ll be stepping into a life that is just the same as how it is now. Besides, fashion keeps changing and stocking up on embroidered, bling anarkalis, kurtas or salwar suits may not be a sensible choice.  

2. Too Much Skin Show/ Revealing Clothes

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Unless, it’s the stock for the honeymoon, steer clear from investing too much into clothes that you may feel hesitant about wearing. You won’t even get too many chances to wear them in the beginning of your married life. Instead, buy some clothes that you can wear more often.

3. Tight Fitting Clothes

It’s a new environment, new lifestyle, there are bound to be some bodily changes. Investing in clothes that may not fit you until next summer is not advisable. Just make arrangement for one season, then go and do some shopping again.

4. Too Many Branded Bags And Heels

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Yes, it may feel nice to buy one or two new designer bags and a bunch of heels, but really you may seldom get a chance to carry them or wear them. Most of the times, you’ll prefer carrying your sling bag or wear your comfortable heels. Don’t block your money there, and instead, save that to buy from the new collections when they launch next season.

5. Elementary Underwear

Invest in some sexy lingerie, after all you’re going to be sleeping next to a man every night now. Make it interesting, spice it up by wearing something new every other day. Keep the boring ones at bay and enjoy the silky, lacey ones. Now is the time, brides-to-be!

6. A Lot Of Makeup

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If you’re a makeup addict, you would know what we are talking about. Just like clothes, fashion changes for makeup too. They also come with an expiry date. For some, it’s a few months, and the others, maybe a year. Buy only the essentials and perennial stuff.

7. Loads Of Junk Jewellery

Come on! You aren’t in college anymore. It’s time to invest in some classy and timeless pieces. Show your sophisticated side in silver or gold pieces if not some designers ones. Imitation jewellery needs to be in a limited amount only.

8. Very Strong Perfumes

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With all the hugging and meeting people, you don’t want others to get nauseated thanks to the extra strong perfume that you packed. Instead, pick some mild day smells that resonate a happy, friendly feeling.

9. Over The Top Western Wear

Extra bling, shine or embroidery isn’t really the best choice in outfits that you buy. They look tacky and can create a confused impression on everyone you meet. Pick pastels, subtle prints, plain jeans, easy silhouettes. Plus, these might even go out of fashion soon, so be mindful of that too.

10. Only Heavy Jewellery Sets

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Don’t make the mistake of only buying full sets with necklace, chandelier earrings, rings, bangles etc. They seldom come in use rather than another wedding you may have to attend. Buy pendants and drop earrings too.

11. Too Many Red Coloured Things

Yes, you want the world to know that you just got married, but wearing red shoes, red lipstick and a red outfit along with the red chuda may not be the best kind of style statement to make. In fact, it could be quite an eyesore, if you ask us. Get all colours in your wardrobe, we say.

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