10 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When You Wear Jeans!

10 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When You Wear Jeans!

Jeans are the most basic and overused item in our wardrobes. We should know how to make them work in our favour, right? Since we all wear them practically anywhere and for any occasion, there are a few things we should keep in mind for a great look. Here are 10 things to not do when you wear jeans, so you can always look fabulous!

1. Don’t wear super skinny jeans

1 things to not do when you wear jeans

While skinny jeans are the best style to accentuate your curves, jeans that are too tight can look like an absolute disaster. They can be suffocating for your legs and will not look half as good. Always try before you buy skinny jeans, ladies to ensure they give you the right fit.

2. Don’t forget that low waist jeans need extra attention!

There are a few simple rules you should always keep in mind when you wear low waist jeans. Don’t wear a short top or a high rise underwear. Low waist jeans can be a little tricky to style and pairing them with short tops is the recipe of a disaster.     

3. Be careful about choosing the right rise

3 things to not do when you wear jeans

Opt for high rise denims if you’re on the shorter end of the scale as it’ll give height to your look.If you have a lean figure, choose low waist jeans and pair it with a well fitted top. Where you jeans sit, whether high or low can make a huge difference to the way you look!

4. Don’t choose the wrong length

Invest in jeans that don’t cut off at an awkward length. Jeans that cut off a little above the ankles will look quite unflattering and make your legs look bigger than they are. You should also avoid jeans that are too long, or probably get them altered to fit you right.

5. Steer clear of bright coloured jeans

5 things to not do when you wear jeans

Haven’t we all at least considered buying a pair of bright coloured jeans. Red or yellow maybe? But it’s best to stay away from these colours. Styling them can be a huge task and they’ll keep sitting in your wardrobe and you’ll never wear them enough.

6. Wear the right jeans for the weather

Are you wearing the same jeans throughout the year? It’s time to change that, ladies. Jeans are made from a certain fabric which might not be suitable for every season. For winters, invest in jeans that are made from thicker fabric and choose lighter fabrics for the summer.

7. Don’t wear styles that highlight your problem areas

7 things to not do when you wear jeans

It isn’t a rule that you have to dress for your body type, but it’s best to highlight your assets and draw attention away from your problem areas. Know your body and always do some research before you go and buy a pair for yourself.

8. Don’t binge on trends

Who doesn’t want to wear trendy clothes? But to binge on trends blindly is never a good idea. Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean you have to wear it. If it doesn’t flatter your body, it’s best avoided!

9. Don’t choose the wrong underwear

9 things to not do when you wear jeans

Underwear is the first thing we wear but somehow never give it enough thought. If you’re wearing skinny jeans, always wear seamless underwear. Seamless underwear will take the shape of your butt and prevent those visible panty lines.

10. Dress for the occasion

Always dress for the occasion, ladies! While distressed jeans might be the new cool, you really can’t wear them for a job interview. All kinds of jeans can’t be worn everywhere. No matter how much you like a certain style, if it doesn’t fit the occasion, try to avoid it.

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