10 Things To NOT Do When You’re Wearing Heels!

10 Things To NOT Do When You’re Wearing Heels!

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change a girl’s life! And it’s no secret that a pair of stilettos can make any outfit look sexier. We always turn to our heels when we want to amp up our look. But it’s also true that we have a love-hate relationship with these babies. No matter how comfortable we may claim our heels to be, they can prove to be quite painful sometimes. Which is why we compiled 10 things to not do when you wear heels. This shall make your life simpler!  

1. Don’t wear the wrong size

You might’ve heard that celebrities wear shoes a size bigger than their actual size, because they’re comfortable and easier to wear for longer durations. That might be a legit thing to do, but if you aren’t attending a red carpet event, it’s advised to wear heels that are your true size. A size bigger or smaller can cause unnecessary discomfort and injure your feet.   

2. Don’t opt for very thin soles

2 things to not do when you wear heels

Heels that come with a very thin sole in the front might look appealing, but are extremely uncomfortable. Especially if they’re very high. A really thin sole will put too much pressure on your feet, making such shoes difficult to wear for too long. They can also prove to be harmful for your feet in the long run. Opt for footwear styles that have a slightly thick sole in the front to save your feet the pain

3. Not enough coverage!  

Styles of heels that have a dainty design on the front look undeniably feminine and sexy but are really not the most comfortable heels to walk around in. We’re not saying that you don’t get dainty heels that are also comfortable, but you have to ensure that the design provides enough support to your feet in the form of straps and buckles.  

4. Don’t wear them without taking breaks

4 things to not do when you wear heels

Let’s admit it ladies, no matter how comfortable you might think your heels are, they’re heels after all!! Wearing them for really long durations can cause pain in your feet. It’s always a good idea to sit down, open your shoes and take a 10 minute break. This trick makes it easier to survive a long party without killing your feet!

5. Don’t NOT walk properly

A pair of fabulous heels have the power to make or break a look. And if you don’t walk in them properly, they can make you feel self-conscious and will make a well put together outfit look shabby. Practice how to walk in heels and gradually, gradually go from slightly high heels to really high ones.

6. Wearing only pointed toe heels  

6 things to not do when you wear heels

Pointy shoes are classy, yes. But if you’re planning to wear them everyday, it’s really not the best or most comfortable idea. Opt for open toe heels for everyday wear so you can stretch your toes without actually taking your shoes off. Open toed heels can look just as classy if you pick the right style.  

7. Don’t invest in low quality heels

It’s quite tempting to buy heels from a thrift store especially when you’re getting them at a throwaway price. But you must never invest in low quality heels. The wrong type of heels can affect your legs and your back in the long run. While cheap shoes might make you shine at the next party, you can’t be sure about their durability.

8. Don’t wear heels with no support

8 things to not do when you wear heels

Always invest in heels with ties or straps, ladies. It’s quite annoying having to worry about the fact that your heels might slip out of your feet while walking. You might notice yourself dragging your feet in order to prevent your shoes from coming off. That’s really not something you want to be worried about when you’re wearing a great outfit, right?

9. Not breaking into your heels     

You bought a brand new pair of heels and you can’t wait to flaunt them at the next party. If you haven’t worn them even once, wear them at home and grow into them eventually. Walk around in those heels for a while before you wear them for a party you know will last long. It’ll stretch the shoes out a bit and make them a comfortable wear for you.

10. Don’t buy without trying

10 things to not do when you wear heels

Sure you know what your foot size is, but sizes always differ from brand to brand. Even if you’re in a rush and need to pick a pair of heels in a hurry, you must always try before you buy! As we said earlier, the right size makes all the difference. Plus, how can you tell how comfy a pair of heels are unless you try them?

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