10 Things EVERY Girl Should Give Up To Feel More Confident!

10 Things EVERY Girl Should Give Up To Feel More Confident!

Confidence is a huge game changer. If you are confident, it is more likely that you’ll grow in your career and life as compared to someone who lacks it. However, there are some things and habits that stop us from feeling good about ourselves constantly. Here are 10 such things you need to get rid of to feel more confident!

1. Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore

If you’re holding on to clothes that don’t fit you or flatter you anymore, you need to give them away. Dressing up is an essential part of feeling confident. Clothes that are too loose or too tight tend to make you feel conscious instead of making you feel better about yourself. So, letting go of these is a very good idea.

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2. Social Media Competition

Social media only shows you the good parts of somebody’s life. If you’re using social media to compare your life to somebody else’s- you’re always going to be miserable. Try taking everything on social media with a pinch of salt. You are a unique person and you don’t need to pit yourself against other people for no reason.

3. Self Limiting Beliefs

Somewhere in the back of our mind, we all have self-limiting beliefs. There are things we think we can’t accomplish and we’ll fail at. It is imperative to get rid of these beliefs so that we can achieve all our goals and feel confident in ourselves. You can never succeed till you try, right?

4. Toxic Relationships

Any relationship, no matter how dependent you are on it, needs to be ended if it has turned toxic. Emotional abuse can take various different forms without us even realising. If there is a relationship that does not make you happy or that makes you feel inadequate, that’s the one you need to let go of, right now!

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5. Holding On To The Past

Our exes are not in our lives anymore for a reason. If you keep memories of them with you or keep thinking about them continuously, you’ll only make yourself miserable. So let go of those old gifts and photographs. Know that you’ll find true love along the way and that’ll be the one that will last.

6. Food That Doesn’t Fill Your Soul

Food is not only for our body but for our soul as well. Eating something you love, naturally makes you feel happier. If you like eating a particular food but it doesn’t make you feel good, you need to stop eating it.

7. Sedentary Lifestyle

While most of us love lazing around once in a while, a lazy lifestyle will not benefit you in any way. Exercising, for example, will greatly improve your confidence. This will happen for two reasons- first that it’ll make you fitter and second, it’ll release endorphins, the ‘feel-good’ hormones!

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8. Fears That Don’t Let You Grow

While we all have things we fear, what is more important is that we face those fears and try to overcome them. If you learn to face your fears, all your self-doubt will simply be replaced with a confidence that is unshakable.

9. The Obsession With Perfection

We’re all humans and we all make mistakes. If you constantly look for perfection in everything and give yourself a hard time when you cannot achieve, it will upset you more often than not. You’ll never be happy with your circumstances. Instead, learn to appreciate anything you’ve done well. That is what’ll make you feel confident about your skills and help you grow.

10. Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Spend some time on yourself. In that ‘me’ time, do whatever it is that makes you happy. Not just that, make sure that you take out time to pamper yourself. Once you start doing this, you’ll start appreciating yourself more which will boost your confidence!

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