10 Things That Will Turn Him On INSTANTLY (Yes, It’s Possible!)

10 Things That Will Turn Him On INSTANTLY (Yes, It’s Possible!)

If you’re looking to find a way to get him in the mood instantly, you’re at the right place! After all, which girl wouldn’t love to be a bonafide sex goddess?! Here are 10 ways to turn him on in under five seconds! Yes, we’re serious! Read on...

1. Rub your hands against his thighs

Gently graze your fingers around his inner thighs when you two are watching TV or just chilling at home. He will get the hint and you’ll know! *wink*

2. Get a lil’ tongue-sy with his ear

He’s going to love it, for sure and get turned on before you can guess. Just gently roll your tongue over his earlobe and see his tool get ready for you...

2  turn him on

3. Bite his neck

The neck is a super sensitive spot for him and he loves it when you give him a light kiss and bite it gently. It’ll seriously drive him wild!

4. Take off your panties…

… in front of him. He’s not going to be expecting it at all, and be rest assured for a night full of wild fun the minute you flick off your panties on the floor and wink at him!

4  turn him on

5. Unzip his pants

Surprise him with your actions! Do it when you both are just cuddling or watching a show together. It could even be when you’re both standing in the kitchen and cooking something or when he’s busy working or completing an assignment!

6. Bend over to show him your booty

What could be hotter than seeing his girl bend over to pick something up and seeing her assets in all their glory! Ahem ahem… This is a sure-shot trick that will get him all hot and fired up in under five seconds!

6  turn him on

7. Whisper something dirty

It could be a dialogue from a movie or it could be something kinky you want to try but haven’t. Instead of saying it to him during the act or after it, whisper it into his ear and tell him to make it happen… Right away!

8. Sit on his lap

There’s something super horny and romantic about sitting on his lap. One thing’s for sure though, once you’re on his lap, facing him and kissing him passionately… There’s nothing but sex on his mind!

8  turn him on

9. Let your girls do the talking

When he’s busy doing his chores of the day, just casually move his chin up and flash your boobs or show him some cleavage and you’ll have his attention instantly!

10. Tell ‘em you’re horny!

Nothing wrong with being upfront and telling him that you’re feeling horny and you want to have sex with him then and there, right? Trust us, the fact that you’re being so direct will blow his mind, in a good way!

10  turn him on

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