10 Adorable Things You & Bae Can Do Right *After* Sex!

10 Adorable Things You & Bae Can Do Right *After* Sex!

Sex is an important part of every couple’s life and snoozing right after it is not really a great idea. We believe in making the most of those tiny, precious moments that happen only after sex… Which is why we have listed a few things to do after sex, that every couple must follow! Which one’s your favourite?

1. Cuddle (duh!)

This one’s a standard, okay? Because couples who snuggle together, stay together! Cuddling is the best way to actually tell your partner that you have feelings for them. Also, it releases so much stress!

1 things to do after sex

2. Grab a pizza

Sex is like a workout. You lose a lot of energy after it so might as well regain it by eating something together? What is better than eating together, and eating the best thing ever… PIZZA!

3. Take a romantic shower together

We believe that showering together is a great way of igniting fire between two people. This not only brings them close, but also is a great way of relaxing together.

3 things to do after sex

4. Browse for random things online

Random things are super fun to do. Especially when they’re right after sex. Look out for things that you will find exciting or simply laugh at random Facebook updates!

5. Watch a great movie together

It’s always good to laze around in bed and do nothing but just watch a movie. Snuggle together inside the blanket while you watch your favourite movie together! This will be the best feeling… EVER!

5 things to do after sex

6. Give each other a massage

What is sexier than having great sex with your partner? Well, it’s to put on some nice music and give each other a great massage! Be it a good body massage or even just a relaxing head massage, this one is going to make you both feel stress-free!

7. Talk about important things

Sex is one of the most intimate things between two people. Make sure that you make the most of it by actually talking to each other. This is the time when you both can actually listen because your mind will be lighter and also because you’re feeling close to them!

7 things to do after sex

8.  Click selfies together

It is always super cute to click cute cuddly selfies with each other. They make up for great memories and who doesn’t like to click pictures of precious moments together, after all?

9. Kiss a little (more)

Kissing never gets boring. Stay in bed all day and kiss a little. You can also kiss a little more which might also lead to… Something more, something better! *smug*

9 things to do after sex

10. Take a break for round two

Well, every couple must rest for a bit and prepare themselves for round two. A little more is always better, you see. *Wink*

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