10 Things It’s OKAY To Compromise A Little On… For *Love*

10 Things It’s OKAY To Compromise A Little On… For *Love*

Love is beautiful but it requires hard work to keep going. A few compromises here and there and you’re good to go! There are little things that you can reach an agreement on, if your points of view differ with regard to certain things. These are the good compromises and they’re actually healthy for the relationship. Here are 10 things it’s okay to compromise on in a relationship!

1. Food Preferences

Chances are, your food preferences will be different from your partner’s. It’s absolutely fine to not be the biggest fan of what he likes, but sometimes it’s okay to give in and eat at his favourite place. In fact, take turns selecting restaurants for your dates. This way you’ll be able to go to new places and try new things and who knows, maybe you’ll love it too!

1 compromise on in a relationship

2. Expression Of Love

No two people love or express emotions in similar ways. Let your bae love you in his own unconditional way and express his emotions the way he wants to instead of how you want him to. If your partner does not do ‘hearts and flowers’ and overt gestures but instead expresses his love by way of small gestures, then that’s exactly how you should accept him.

3. Your Definition Of ‘Unwinding’

Consider yourself lucky if you and your partner both have the same idea of what a perfect Saturday night is. If your idea of chilling and unwinding is different from your partner’s, know that it’s okay to compromise. You can find something both of you enjoy doing and do that instead!

3 compromise on in a relationship

4. Your Idea Of A Vacation

Everyone has a different idea of a perfect vacation. Some like to stay in the best hotels, just relax all day and do nothing and some like backpacking across countries. If your idea of a vacation is different from that of your partner’s, it’s fine. You’ll get the best of both worlds, wouldn’t you?

5. Choice Of Music

While this might sound silly, but a lot of couples do actually end up fighting over music choices. Again, like food preferences, find a middle ground and something that works for both of you.

5 compromise on in a relationship

6. Passionate Pursuits

If there is something your partner is passionate about and it takes up a considerable amount of his time, you should support him, even if it means a little less time for the two of you together. After all, love is about supporting each other unconditionally, isn’t it?

7. Your Friends Or Mine?

There are chances that both of you will have different friend circles (unless you met through mutual friends) and sometimes there may be arguments about whose friends you’re going to hang out with. The best solution to this is take turns and hang out with both circle of friends. That can’t hurt, can it?

7 compromise on in a relationship

8. Cleanliness Master

If you’re a cleanliness freak and your partner isn’t so much so, then it’s probably better to not nag them about it continuously. Everyone has different ways of living and both partners must learn to accept to each other instead of cribbing about petty things such as this.

9. No Ego Trips

You can’t expect to win every argument every time or get your way, always. Sometimes, it’s okay to let the other person get their way. His way may actually turn out to be a great one too!

9 compromise on in a relationship

10. Your Time

While we understand the importance of ‘me’ time, your time isn’t just yours anymore. It’s okay to spend some of your free time with your partner because any relationship needs and requires time to grow and strengthen.

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