10 Things That Happen To Your Body During Sex!

10 Things That Happen To Your Body During Sex!

Ever wonder why you feel that great rush during sex? It’s because your body is going through tonnes of things that are making you feel good. There are several compounds being released that are giving you everything from that flutter of the heart to eventually, that orgasm. Here are 11 things that happen to your body during sex that you should know about!

1. Your skin gets a ‘sex flush’

Since your blood vessels get dilated during sex, you can see a red flush take over your body. Also popularly known as the sex flush. It’s basically your skin reddening, especially around your chest and neck.

2. Your entire body becomes more sensitive

All those places that were just normal a few hours ago now react to little touches in the most mind-blowing way. Yup, your body becomes super-sensitive. From the back of your ear to the skin between your toes, every touch makes you feel something different!

2 your body during sex

3. Your temperature and blood pressure go up

Along with your heart rate and pulse, your blood pressure goes up as well. Which isn’t really all that surprising considering all the blood that is pumping through your body!

4. The vulva swells up

Now because there is so much blood flow happening down there, the vulva actually swells up and becomes firm. This is also where the lubrication of your vagina comes from!

4 your body during sex

5. So do your breasts

Your breasts can swell up to 25% during sex. This also happens because of the increased blood flow. Now, that’s something, isn’t it?

6. Your muscles contract

Your muscles - specifically those of the vagina, penis, pelvic floor and the uterus, contract almost 5 to 12 times with just a gap of 0.8 seconds in between most of those contractions!

6 your body during sex

7. The clitoris plays peek-a-boo

So initially, because of the blood flow, the clitoris swells up but by the time you are near climax, it pulls back and seems to disappear. Basically, playing a game of peek-a-boo with you!

8. Your immune system gets a boost

Having sex once or twice a week is basically very similar to eating an apple a day. This is all thanks to the increased levels of an antibody called Immunoglobulin-A post sex which helps the body fight off cold and other minor infections.

8 your body during sex

9. Your sense of smell gets better

It’s true. With the increase of prolactin in your body during sex, the number of new nerve cells in your body also increase, giving you a better sense of smell. That’s probably why are left with a long lingering smell of our partner post sex.

10. It helps you get that glow!

The after sex glow is a real thing, girls! Since your blood circulation becomes more active during sex, more oxygen is passed on to your skin to make it look brighter. Sex also boosts the production of natural collagen in the body to fight off skin sagging and age spots.

10 your body during sex

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