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10 Sexy Things That Feel *Almost* As Good As An Orgasm!

10 Sexy Things That Feel *Almost* As Good As An Orgasm!

Most times we ruin sex by thinking or focussing too much on what our orgasm should be like. Yes, we know, it is called the ‘Big O’ and hence, the focus naturally shifts towards it. But we are here to tell you a little secret, though an orgasm feels great, there are other things in bed that feel as good as an orgasm would! Don’t believe us? Try for yourself… Here are 10 of those sexy things that feel as good as an orgasm!

1. That kiss right between your jawline and neck

We don’t know what it is but there is something utterly magical about that spot! The one right below your jawline but above your neck and if your S.O. nails that kiss, it can do wonders for you!

2. Some necking!

Of course, we don’t mind him actually putting in some effort around the neck area. After all, hickeys exist for a reason. All the necking feels absolutely amazing and we just can’t say no!

2 things that feel as good as an orgasm

3. When he lightly pulls you closer by the waist

When you are in bed making out, as close as you can be and yet he wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you even closer - not only does that make us skip a beat but also gets the blood pumping, doesn’t it?

4. Using the old hot and cold technique

Using ice is actually quite an unappreciated thing to do in bed. The cold feel of the ice against the soft warm skin of your mouth is surprisingly mindblowing!

4 things that feel as good as an orgasm

5. Any kind of ear action!

You probably have no idea how receptive our ears are to the slightest tingling! It is only when your guy nibbles your ear softly between his lips that you realize what a pleasure spot they can be!

6. A little blowing down there

Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? But trust us, it’s not! No, we’re not talking about the kind of blowing you’re thinking about. We’re talking about your man blowing a breeze warm air down there. It tickles just the right senses!

6 things that feel as good as an orgasm

7. That trail of kisses from your lips to down there!

Before he goes there and does the blowing, however, it is just wonderful if he traces his way from your mouth all the way across your stomach to your pelvic region with tonnes and tonnes of kisses! The touch of his soft lips is just amazing!

8. The lower lip kiss

Sucking the lower lips is one of the most genius moves made by mankind! It’s easy to do and so so SO sexy! There is just no denying that, is there?

8 things that feel as good as an orgasm

9. The slow finger tease

When your guy uses his fingers to gently and slowly trace your body and you actually get goosebumps - yeah, now that’s something, isn’t it?

10. A lil’ boob touch!

How do you forget the most pleasurable part of your body? The boobs, of course! It only takes a sensual touch by the right person to get us going and feeling great!

10 things that feel as good as an orgasm

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