10 Things That Don’t Change When You Lose Your Virginity

10 Things That Don’t Change When You Lose Your Virginity

Are you a virgin? Whoa! This question brings with it a host of judgements in our society, for unmarried girls in particular. Honestly, it’s not as big a deal as people make it out to be and it's completely an individual choice. When you lose your virginity, it doesn’t change a thing about who you are as a person. So stop worrying about it, girls and live your life the way you want to.

1. It doesn’t change your body

When you lose your virginity, your hymen breaks, but it doesn't change your body. You don’t gain weight or anything (unless you are eating junk of course). You will still look the same way you did, the night before.

2. It doesn’t change the way you walk

Whoever says one’s style of walking changes after losing virginity is probably not doing it right. It's an act that involves two people, but definitely not something that'll change your stance.

3. It doesn’t change your relationship

If you think that losing your virginity to a man will ensure a long-lasting relationship, then, you are fooling yourself. Of course, it connects you and your partner on a more intimate level, but it's not a warranty card.

3 lose your virginity

4. It doesn’t change him

He won’t love you more or less or quit his bad habits because you lost your virginity to him. His emotions, feelings for you or the person he is, won’t change just because he had sex with you.

5. It doesn’t change your values

You're still the same person who has the same set of values you were raised with. Things that mattered before, still will. Your sexual preference or the fact that you chose to have it with someone before marriage or after it doesn't change your morals.

6. It doesn’t change your character

Women in India get judged a lot for having premarital sex or, even for having multiple partners. But remember, none of these judgements from strangers matter. You are a human being, born in a democracy and you have every right to take decisions about your body. Losing your virginity doesn't mean you become characterless.

6 lose your virginity

7. It doesn’t change the respect you deserve

Because people treat, sex like a criminal offence. But it shouldn’t be that way at all. The respect you deserve should be proportionate to the respect you give it to someone. Your virginity has no role to play in how much respect you command/

8. It doesn’t change your goals

It doesn’t make you any less inspired to achieve your goals. You’ll still exactly be how you used to be and still chase your dreams like you did before.

9. It doesn’t change your friendships

Just because you’ve slept with your boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that’s going to change your relationship or the equation with your friends. They’re two separate things, and two separate relationships, right?

9 lose your virginity

10. It doesn’t change you.

And finally you will realise that no matter what you’ve done – you are still the same.

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