10 Things You Didn’t Realize Are Bringing You & Bae *Closer*

10 Things You Didn’t Realize Are Bringing You & Bae *Closer*

After the honeymoon period is over in a relationship and the passion starts to fizzle, every couple settles into a quiet harmony. Working on creating a connected and strong relationship is hard work. However, there are some things that you do without knowing that create an everlasting bond between you two! Here are 10 things that bring you closer to your partner.

1. Showing Genuine Interest

Showing a genuine interest in each other’s schedules can bring the partners a lot closer. Just asking about his day isn’t enough, try to get to know how his day actually looked like. It makes him feel cared for and probably open up to you even more.

1 things that bring you closer

2. Always Fighting Fair

All couples have arguments and it’s considered healthy to fight once in a while with your partner and couples who fight fair are a lot closer than those who don’t. If you and your partner make a genuine effort not to hurt each other in a fight and are respectful of each other’s opinions even when angry, it is for sure working wonders for your relationship.

3. Having Different Interests

Having interests outside of each other is very beneficial for couples too. As it’s been rightly said, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’. Plus, having interests different from your partner and then sharing them can help both the partners expand their horizons.

3 things that bring you closer

4. Expressing Appreciation

Even a tiny gesture like a heartfelt thank you can make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Doing something to show your partner that you acknowledge and appreciate his efforts can make a huge difference in your relationship.

5. Inside Jokes

Inside jokes open up a whole world of laughter and joy, one which is accessible to only the two of you. Having a lot of inside jokes and secret keywords with your partner will build camaraderie between you two and bring you a lot closer!

5 things that bring you closer

6. Doing Nothing Together

There is comfort and familiarity to be found in silence. If you and your partner are absolutely fine spending time together doing nothing and don’t feel the need to fill every waking hour together with some sort of activity, it means that you’re both comfortable with each other.

7. Texting and Calling… Just Because

You don’t always need a reason to call bae. If you call them randomly once a day or even just text them something, it brings you a lot closer to your partner because they know they are on your mind even when you’re busy!

7 things that bring you closer

8. A Walk Down The Memory Lane

Reminiscing and thinking about old memories helps you revisit beautiful moments. It also reminds you why you chose to be with that person, especially after a nasty fight. So talk about memorable moments as much as you can, it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that’s what will bring you closer to your partner

9. Little Rituals To Do

Having little rituals that you two do together can help you feel more connected. Even if you both have busy schedules, doing little things every day with each other will make a world of difference. Even if it is something like going on a date every week, it’ll change the way you two connect.

9 things that bring you closer

10. Shared Common Goals

It’s much better for your relationship if you two have some common goals that you share. Setting goals you want to achieve as a couple is important for a long lasting couple. Just like individual goals help you maintain your individuality in a relationship, common goals help you grow as a couple.

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