10 Little Things All Stylish Women Secretly Do!

10 Little Things All Stylish Women Secretly Do!

How do some people look so well put together and a little more stylish than us all the time? Is it just by some stroke of luck or do they really put in all their time and effort into looking a certain way? Well, ladies, you can’t look uber stylish by accident! They actively like to stay stylish and spend time maintaining their style. Keep reading to know the 10 things stylish people secretly do!

1. Play dress up

1 things stylish people secretly do

Call it playing dress up or plain dedication, extremely stylish people love trying different permutations and combinations with their clothes. In their free time, they like to try different outfits and see how two things look when put together. It saves them time while dressing up for any impromptu function, since they’ve already done their homework. Plus, it’s a great way of mixing and matching and really making the most of your wardrobe.

2. Adding a personalised touch their outfits

2 things stylish people secretly do

Stylish people never wear a dress exactly how they see it on the mannequin. Think about the most stylish person you know and you’ll know what we’re talking about. For them, no outfit is complete till they add a personalised touch to their look. They’re always on the lookout for something that might kick their outfit up a notch. It could be a belt, a brooch or a simple scarf.

3. Taking care of their shoes

3 things stylish people secretly do

No matter how much those shoes cost, you’ve got to take care of your sole-mates. Timeless styles of footwear that can be worn every day need to preserved.. Even if you buy them from a thrift store, you can make them last a couple more years by taking them to the cobbler and adding a slight (not-so-obvious) sole to the front. This prevents the shoes from wearing out too soon.

4. They re-wear their clothes

4 things stylish people secretly do

Staying stylish is synonymous with knowing your look and sticking to it. People high on style are confident about their personal style and repeat their clothes shamelessly. They know that repeating clothes is a part of staying true to their style and accepting it. Investing in timeless pieces and re-wearing them in different ways, is how they like to keep it!

5. Seeking style inspiration at all the time!

5 things stylish people secretly do

We’re not saying that they copy editorial looks from head to toe, but they’re always seeking style inspiration. It could come from anywhere. Not just street style bloggers or their favourite celebrities, but maybe a woman walking down the street whose style they appreciate? Inspiration is everywhere. Have an open mind and absorb all the inspiration.  

6. Finding their favourite item and buy more of it

6 things stylish people secretly do

If you thought it’s not normal to have a soft spot for certain pieces and absolutely hate a few, think again. You could love high heels, a dress and hate jeans. That’s fine. You just need to know what you like, buy more of it and make it your signature style. If you notice any super blogger’s style, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

7. Dress to impress themselves!

7 things stylish people secretly do

Because you’ve got you for life! And it’s true that we feel even more beautiful when we wear something that we approve of or something that we love to wear. Looking and feeling pretty is all about dressing up for yourself! Once you realize that you hold the key to your own happiness, nothing can stop you from looking like a diva every single day.

8. Believe in tailoring their clothes

8 things stylish people secretly do

We’re all built differently and it’s impossible that one brand caters for every body type. The secret to making everything look better on you is by getting it tailored. Yes, that’s what fashionistas do! They believe in the power of a good fit and don’t hesitate to get pieces tailored to achieve that perfet look.

9. Maintain a balanced look

9 things stylish people secretly do

How do you remember a stylish person? As someone who always looks well put together or someone who looks like they’re ready for a shoot? We think the former. That’s the secret. They strike the perfect balance. They never look too messy nor too made up. Take note, girls!

10. Shop… calmly!

10 things stylish people secretly do

Impulsive shopping is probably the one thing we’re all guilty of doing. And it’s almost never a good idea. That’s what they do differently. They have the patience to sift through piles of clothes and only buy pieces that have value for money. They know their style and will never invest in something that doesn’t reflect it.

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