13 Little Things Your Man *Secretly* Adores About You!

13 Little Things Your Man *Secretly* Adores About You!

Men are quite secretive in nature. That doesn’t mean they don’t like us for who we are and what we do. In fact, they probably like us more than they put to display; especially, the little things we do! Even when they don’t say it out loud, they are constantly noticing the little things about us that drive them crazy (in a good way!). Here are 13 things men adore but won’t always tell!

1. When they make us laugh

Call it a bit narcissist but a man loves when he can make his woman laugh by his jokes or funny comments. There are only a few things worse for a man than not being funny to his better half!

 1 things men adore

2. When we bite our lips unconsciously

It tickles the strings of their heart’s desires to say the least!

3. Our passion for life

There is something super attractive about a woman with a mission. Who knows what’s her passion and how she’s out to go get it!

4. That face we make when we get just a little jealous

It’s especially cute when they know there is no need for you to worry at all!

4 things men adore

5. When we say their name

That special tone in which only we could ever call out to that special someone’s name is like melody to him!

6. Our uninhibited laughter

Yes, the one where we give a mild snort too. You might think it’s unattractive but in reality, men think it is super cute!

7. When we initiate some ‘naughty time’

The moments when we tell them we want to kiss their lips or take them by the hand, let’s just say… It’s a moment they’ve been waiting for all their lives!

7 things men adore

8. When we place our palm on their hand to show support

It’s just any other touch but coming from us, it is a vote of confidence unlike any other!

9. Us in our PJs and messy bun

With a bowl of popcorn and ice cream by the side! They love to see us in the unkempt, carefree self the best.

10. Our special fragrance

We might not know this but there is something special about the way our partners smell us. Our olfactory senses have something to do with who we get attracted to… And in short, our smell is their heaven!

10 things men adore

11. When we blush over a compliment

They are stumped how we are still surprised when they call us beautiful and a blush creeps up our cheeks. And they love that they can make us feel this way.

12. Our excitement over little things

When we jump and clap our hands because we had pizza for breakfast or that you got a freebie at work, they love love love listening to those conversations!

13. When we play with our hair to hide our nervousness

They love when we are slightly nervous and wrapping your hair around the fingers. We might not even know that they notice this, but almost every guy loves this!

13 things men adore

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