#HeSays: 10 Things Guys WANT To Do In Bed (Other Than Sex!)

#HeSays: 10 Things Guys WANT To Do In Bed (Other Than Sex!)

There not many things in the world that are better than sex in our books. Actually… We can't really think of any at the moment. But even so, it doesn't mean that sex is the only thing we wish to do with you. So here are a few things guys want to do in bed with their girlfriends - other than sex!

1. Wrestle with you

Now, that's a dream come true. And minus the choke slams, of course.

2. Play FIFA!

We can't lie about this - we really, really just love video games in bed.

3. Cuddle and sleep

Your body is a better pillow than the best pillow in the world. Do doubt about it!

3 things guys want to do in bed

4. Scroll through 9Gag

Because all those memes just seem funnier with you giggling by our sides.

5. Watching tons and tons of Entourage

Oh, come on! We swear you would love it too if you just gave it a chance!

6. A round of Monopoly

Because it's just never-ending fun. And yes, we don't think anyone can ever outgrow Monopoly.

6 things guys want to do in bed

7. Crack lame jokes

Because, if you really think about it, who else would we do this with? And then we can tickle you when you don't find something funny!

8. Give (and get) massages

And there doesn't even need to be anything sexual about it - just plain old easing of muscles. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

9. Create a fort out of pillows

Uh… YES, please! There just aren't enough pillow forts in the world and making one in bed is so much fun.

9 things guys want to do in bed

10. Eat, eat, eat

Pizza, popcorn, anything! Who in their right mind wouldn't love to eat to their heart's content in bed?

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