10 Things Girls Wants From Bae When They’re On Their Period!

10 Things Girls Wants From Bae When They’re On Their Period!

No matter how many years we have been having our periods for, they always manage to catch us off guard. The cramps, the cravings, the sheer discomfort of it all. Craving ice cream one minute to momos in another... We are quite incorrigible during this time of the month, but here are 10 things every girl wants her boyfriend to do when she’s on her period.

1. First things first… Some empathy

Yes, we get it, it doesn’t happen to you so you can’t relate to this painful bodily function. But you can take our word for it, on a bad day it feels like someone is punching our stomach and our backs at the same time. So some consideration, empathy and kindness from your end wouldn’t be too bad.

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1 things every girl wants

2. A nice massage

Have we yet elaborated on how much it hurts? A calming massage would help a lot in just easing our nerves, please and thank you very much.

3. Some period sex?

All thanks to our lady hormones running amuck, we are surprisingly into the idea of having sex during this time. So be our guest and lead us on, plis.

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4. Fun workout session

Physical activity helps in relieving much of the period pain. So, by all means, do encourage us to go for a quick jog or run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. We might not be super into it at that moment, but it will do us good.

4 things every girl wants

5. Be patient

We might sound downright irrational but our hormones are running amuck all this while, making us cranky, needy and greedy all at the same time. Try to understand us instead of just brushing us off as plain hormonal.

6. Encourage us to eat right

Fruits, veggies… All of that good stuff. We will be bratty monsters during the time - wanting copious amounts of junk, caffeine and alcohol. Even if we struggle at adulting during this time, you need to put your foot down and help us take care of ourselves.

7. Help with some errands

Little things go a long way in convincing us that you are here during the good times and the bad. Taking on more than you share of your errands and helping us with the laundry or whipping up a quick meal is something that we’ll always appreciate when we are on our periods.

7 things every girl wants

8. Get us chocolates

Chocolates contain magnesium which helps in the release of our happy hormones - endorphins, which in return help in increasing our energy and alleviating cramps. Guys, there is a scientific reason behind our cravings, okay?

9. Make us laugh

Crack a joke and take our mind off our periods. Or if your jokes are downright terrible, try keeping us occupied enough so that we don’t have a chance to think about anything else.

10.  Express your love

The best of us get reduced to this mushy, hyperactive and also cranky versions of ourselves during our periods. Even if we are being rude pricks, a compliment from your end will bring about a change in our temperament. Trust us, it is sure worth a try.

10 things every girl wants

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