10 Things EVERY Girl Overthinks About… But Really Shouldn’t!

10 Things EVERY Girl Overthinks About… But Really Shouldn’t!

There are a few things all of us overthink a lot about… Be it simply what to wear for the date night or whether we’re PMSing a little too much this month! Either way, here are 10 things every girl overthinks about… But probably should not!

1. ‘Am I too fat or too thin?’

No matter what her body type is, every woman does think about her looks at least once every day. If you feel like you're too skinny - you want to gain a little weight; if you feel like you're too chubby - you want to get slimmer! We're always wishing to be a better version of ourselves. You should be happy in your skin, and if you’re not - start working towards the body you want rather than just overthink about it!

1 things every girl overthinks

2. ‘When will I find a boyfriend?’

Is it better to be single or is it better to be committed? The question is always on your mind and you practically never stop thinking about it! But it might be doing you more damage than good… So why not just enjoy whichever side you’re on and enjoy living in the present?

3. ‘Do I love him as much?’

‘And am I completely in the relationship? Am I ready to be committed for the rest of my life to this same person? Do we have a future together? Do I love him as much as he loves me?’ Yes, these are all valid questions to ask yourself but not continually. Find an answer to the questions before you go over them more than once. And if you can't figure it out, that's okay too - the answer will find you when the time is right!

3 things every girl overthinks

4. ‘Did that guy look at me because he likes me?’

‘Because why else will he stare at me in a room full of people! Hmm.. seems like something is brewing!’ Chances are he does like you but it is equally possible that he just happened to glance at you randomly. It’s probably a better idea to wait and watch than to have a sleepless night over it!

5. ‘Are my eyebrows weird?’

Are they twinning? Is one of them thinner than the other one? ‘I look so weird!’ They’re just eyebrows - they’ll grow back. Put your energy to something more constructive, ladies!

5 things every girl overthinks

6. ‘Did he catch me staring at him?’

Did he notice you checking him out? Did he judge you for doing so? And many other such questions keep going around in every girl’s mind when there is a new guy in the picture. It’s really not that big a deal even if he did find out that you were eyeing him! Maybe he'll get the hint! *Wink*

7. ‘Should I text him back?’

And if you do, how many texts should you send? What should the tone of the text be? Questions like these will linger in your head endlessly… Just because! Though we know these aren’t completely ignorable, you can just be yourself and not over-analyze the situation!


7 things every girl overthinks

8. ‘Is my bra strap visible?’

This is a perpetual problem no one has a solution to and it happens every time you wear a dress or top that has a not-so-regular neckline or a back. Every girl keeps worrying about that annoying bra strap sneaking out of its place. You shouldn’t give it so much importance though. Even if it is slightly visible, there’s nothing wrong in that!  

9. ‘Why am I PMSing this much?’

PMS is a real thing, okay? When you think to yourself in a situation, ‘Why am I PMSing so much?’ or even things like ‘Why am I stressing over this so much?’ do the math in your head and treat it as a monthly thing. Tell yourself, ‘This too shall pass’ and move on!

9 things every girl overthinks

10. ‘What if things had worked out with him?’

‘What if things between me and him had worked out?’ It’s probably better to experience something and live in the present than to just keep thinking about how it would be if it never ended. So if you do feel like you’re still in love with your ex, deal with your feelings before making a real effort to move on! And don't linger on the past with any more ‘what if’s!

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