things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

11 Things People Say To Recently Engaged Girls (But WHYYY?!)

Tanaya Seth

Guest Contributor

He proposed, you said YES and the ring looks beautiful on your hand and now you cannot stop thinking about your dream wedding. But amidst all this, some people around you will ask you the same kind of questions again and again! If you are engaged, then you will already know these things every engaged girl is tired of hearing… And if you are yet to be engaged, then brace yourselves ladies!

1. ‘How did he propose?’

It is understandable that everyone around you wants to know how your guy proposed but by the 20th time you are just tired of telling the same story again and again!

1 things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

2. ‘How many carats is the ring?’

Honestly, this is nobody’s business but it is THE first thing people ask every engaged girl! Though it might not matter to you but aunties and distant family members are really bothered about this. Avoid being rude to them and the next time you are asked this question tell them that you don’t know about the carats but just love how sparkly and beautiful it is!

3. ‘Can I try the ring on?’

Of course… NOT!

3 things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

4. ‘When is the wedding?’

This one just makes you go ‘It’s not even been 24 hours since he proposed! Can I first just enjoy being engaged please?’

5. ‘I am sure you must have started your pre-wedding diet and beauty regime.’

You and your fiancé might be celebrating your engagement but aunties around you will start staring at you while you are eating and question you on when you plan to start dieting for your wedding! Arrrgh!

5 things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

6. ‘I know a great wedding vendor’

Suddenly everyone around you has become a wedding planner and knows a great decorator/ caterer/ photographer/ choreographer. Without you even asking them for help or suggestions, they are ready with their list of recommendations for you.

7. ‘Are you happy?’

Of course, I am and if I wasn’t would I have said yes? *Eyeroll*

7 things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

8. ‘Is your ring bigger or is mine bigger?’

Calm. Stay calm. Keep your cool. Breathe.

9. ‘What are your plans post the wedding?’

I know life changes post wedding but even though you and your fiancé haven’t discussed this topic, others are curious enough to know your plans already!

9 things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

10. ‘Finally, he proposed to you!’

Some people never understand that a relationship is between two people and they are the ones who should decide when it is the right time to get married. Ignore these slightly sarcastic comments, ladies. Enjoy your moment!

11. ‘You need to behave properly around his family now.’

Don’t drink in front of his family. Don’t forget the ‘namaste’ and ‘pai lagu’ and don’t stop smiling; you are the bride to be and the ‘bahu’ of the family now! *Smirk*

11 things every engaged girl is tired of hearing

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Published on May 11, 2017
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