12 Things Every Bride Wants Her Groom To Do During The Wedding

12 Things Every Bride Wants Her Groom To Do During The Wedding

You can act like the most chilled out bride-to-be, but we all know you have a specific vision for your big day. And let’s face it; very specific expectations from your soon-to-be hubby. Just in case you need to spell it out to him, here’s a list of things EVERY bride wants her groom to do on D-Day!

1. ‘The baraat better not keep me waiting too long!’

I know, I know – you will be dancing and arriving in style. But remember I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Besides, wouldn’t you want to marry me at the earliest?

1 every bride wants her groom to do

2. ‘In case, I’m late – please wait for me patiently’

Brides are allowed to have double standards. *Insert angelic grin here*

3. ‘Your jaw better drop when you see me in my bridal avatar.’

Listen baby, the expensive AF candid photographer will be capturing this moment…forever!

3 every bride wants her groom to do

4. ‘You need to help me step onto the mandap’

Because it’s the courteous (and adorable) thing to do. Okay? Okay.

5. ‘You need to promise to squeeze my hand in case I look like I’m about to break down.’

I suspect that this situation will arise.

5 every bride wants her groom to do

6. ‘Please walk slow during the pheras, it’s difficult to move in the lehenga’

You have no idea how heavy bridal wear is, so while I understand your hurry to make me your wife, please move slowly.

7. ‘Don’t drop sindoor on my nose!’

We can practice this if you want but please restrict the amount of sindoor you take in your hands – it has the potential to fall and streak my face and ruin my makeup.

7 every bride wants her groom to do

8. ‘Kiss me on the forehead once we are officially pronounced man and wife’

Okay, I know this is supposed to come naturally and not supposed to be planned but I’m telling you that this is how I envision the moment we are officially married.

9. ‘Don’t leave my hand on the reception stage’

Meeting so many people I’ve never met sounds daunting and tiring, so please be by my side at all times and (literally) hold my hand through it all. I promise I’ll do the same for you.

9 every bride wants her groom to do

10. ‘Oblige for all the selfies my besties and cousins are going to want to take with us’

I’d rather prepare you from now only for this inevitable scenario!

11. ‘Don’t rush me during the bidai’

I know it’ll be emotional even though I intend to blink back my tears. So be patient and let me and my family have our moment. *sniff*

11 every bride wants her groom to do

12. ‘Assure my parents when they look like they need it’

My parents may or may not break down, but I know and feel the same void they will feel in that moment, so please be there for them. After all, you’re their son now.

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