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10 Things A Girl Who Uses Public Transport Will SO Relate To!

Amrita Paul

Junior Lifestyle Editor

Modern urban life is all about the hustle. And most of us girls who travel in public transport know it far too well. A considerable chunk of our day involves carpooling, surviving rides in insanely crowded metros, buses and trains. Here are 10 things every girl taking public transport can relate to.

1. Leaving early won’t ensure that you’ll reach on time   

Don’t we all know this? Even on metros and trains which are not really affected by traffic jams, they can stop for minutes on end at every station. This will positively ensure that you are running late even if you have taken every precaution on your end to be punctual at work.

1 public transport

2. You are forever wary of being elbowed by a fellow passenger

That too in all the wrong places. So, you cross your arms and stand in defence, forever on the edge. One wrong move by someone and you are ready to teach them the greatest lesson of their life.

3. Throwing up is always a possibility

Because of the sheer volume of people travelling during peak office hours, you are always prone to feeling claustrophobic and nauseous. It is not really the best of travelling experience.

4. So is being mugged

You know at least one friend/family member who has lost her purse or phone or both while on public transport. And every day as you clutch onto your backpack, you hope that it doesn’t happen to you.

4 public transport

5. It seems like a bad idea every day

And you never seem to have enough time to join driving lessons as well. Which is why you should try the new UberMOTO which has been launched by the ridesharing app Uber offering riders another quick, easy and affordable way to get around the city. You save time and avoid traffic by sharing a bike ride and swiftly manoeuvring through busy traffic. It is quite accessible to public transport transits and enables you to travel while experiencing your city and breathing in the fresh air. Hop on and off anywhere you like. With trips starting for as low as Rs 20, it is quite the steal. UberMOTO also recently launched in Ahmedabad! Making it now available in 5 Indian cities, including Jaipur, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad.

6. When a friend is left behind

That utterly helpless feeling when you are able to push through the crowd and board a metro and as the door snaps shut you realise your friend is not there with you.

7. When you finally get a place to sit

The once in a lifetime opportunity when you get a place to sit and the experience could easily be described as one of the happiest in your life.

7 public transport

8. Anger won’t get you anywhere

So there is someone listening to loud music without headphones, another woman refuses to tie her hair up and it’s now on your face - getting irritated will only result in a full-blown out verbal battle. Because owing to the heat, everyone is already on the edge.

9. Brakes can be a real problem

Be it a metro or a bus, just when you thought you had found your spot and began to get comfortable, the driver will stomp on the brakes so hard that you’ll end up disillusioned, landing several feet away.   

10. You have to mentally prepare yourself for the descent

When it is crowded, you have to easily start gearing up for your stop a couple of stations in advance so that you are quite ahead in the queue of deboarders. There is always that slight chance that you are unable to get down because a steady stream of passengers have started stepping in already, leaving no space for you to make an exit.

10 public transport

*This post is in partnership with UberMOTO

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Published on May 17, 2017
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