10 Wedding Day Styling Tips EVERY Desi Bride Should Swear By!

10 Wedding Day Styling Tips EVERY Desi Bride Should Swear By!

You’ve always only heard about things you must buy for your wedding. Your besties and aunts have been Whatspping you lehenga and jewellery pictures and you’re pretty much in a confused state of mind as to what to buy and what not to. And here we are making the task a little bit easier for you (or not!). Here’s a list of 10 things a bride should never wear at her wedding. Yup, before you make the big purchase, do make sure to go through this.

1. Too much can-can is not a good idea!

Can-can is the fabric that goes under your lehenga. It gives the lehenga that voluminous look and while it is essential, you may want to steer clear of too much of it. Extra layers of can-can give your outfit an over the top look, make you look heavier than you actually are and too much of it even shows when you sit. Also, if the weather’s not supportive, you’ll only feel hot and uneasy.

2. Say no to super high heels

2 a bride should never wear at her wedding

You’ve worn high heels all your life but your wedding is not the best day to wear them. Wearing heels with a dress is different and wearing them with a 5kgs lehenga is another thing. Your outfit and jewellery will be heavy, plus, you’ll be standing for long hours on that stage. It’s best to avoid extra high heels. Also, make sure you opt for block heels instead of pencil heels. They tend to dig into the ground and make walking a tough task.

3. But don’t go for juttis either

Flats do nothing to flatter the fall of your lehenga or your walk. While juttis do look pretty with suits, when you’re wearing a lehenga and when you’re the bride, a tiny bit of heel is a must. Avoid flat chappals too since they look unflattering. Opt for an inch or two of heel for the perfect look and elegant walk.

4. A deep neck blouse is best avoided

4 a bride should never wear at her wedding

It’s your wedding and you want to look all regal and elegant. While there is nothing wrong with deep neck blouses, they could get a little uncomfortable at times. You may have to bend often during the ceremony and also to greet the elders. And too much of a cleavage show is definitely not something you want.

5. Avoid too many colours in your lehenga

We’re all in for colour but too many colours thrown into a single outfit is best left for your mehendi function. For your wedding lehenga, try and restrict it to three colours to the max. A lot of times brides try to be different and opt for colourful outfits but it doesn’t end up just right. Stick to the basics and you’ll only be happy.

6. A dupatta that’s too heavy

6 a bride should never wear at her wedding

Remember, the dupatta goes over your head and anything too heavy will only weigh you down. If you pin up a heavy dupatta on your bridal jooda, not only will it pull on your hair but the weight will push your head back constantly. And that only leaves you feeling extremely uncomfortable. If you really want to, opt for a second heavy dupatta and go for a lighter one for your head.

7. You don't need to carry a handbag

We’ve seen brides entering with potlis in their hands and it’s really something that one should avoid. You really don’t need a handbag you know. And it doesn’t even look good with a bridal outfit. Let your hands be free and keep the potli or clutch bag for another occasion.

8. Avoid an overall OTT look

8 a bride should never wear at her wedding

Yup, you’re a bride and you should be wearing lots of jewellery and a heavy lehenga. But do remember that there’s a very thin line that separates bridal from over the top. Try and maintain a balance in your look. A heavy lehenga and delicate jewellery or gorgeous vintage jewellery with a light lehenga. Get the point?

9. But don’t go all Plain Jane either!

Because it’s your wedding day and you should look and feel like a true diva today! You must look all bridal and fabulous and different from the rest of the crowd. So pick something stunning and get ready to take that walk down the aisle.  

10. We're not so sure about heavy makeup

10 a bride should never wear at her wedding

Don’t get us wrong. You totally should have your makeup done just the way you want. But do remember to play up only one feature. If you’re opting for a bold lip colour, keep the eye makeup subtle. If you’d like to highlight your eyes, go subtle on the lips. Easy, right?!

But with all that said, just be confident, be yourself and enjoy your big day to the fullest. This day is all about you and it ain’t coming back!

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