The First Time My Boyfriend… Stripped For Me!

The First Time My Boyfriend… Stripped For Me!

My boyfriend and I had planned a big night together. You know the one where there was not going to be a goodbye after dinner... Instead, we’d booked a nice hotel room together and planned to spend a great night together - just the two of us.

However, as fate would have it, that day turned out to be terrible for me. There was a crazy downpour which meant I was late for my morning class. By the time I reached, my teacher was furious and wouldn’t let me enter so I had to spend the next two hours all alone roaming around in my college. I completely forgot about an assignment submission for my next class so I had to live through the other teacher’s rant. By the time I got done with college in the evening, I was exhausted. All I wanted was to meet my boyfriend and just spend some time with him but that’s when I got the most disappointing text of my life - ‘Running late! Need to meet my professor for a dissertation discussion. Sorry!’

He said he was running late but how late, nobody knew. So it was just me, left to fend for myself (since all my other friends had already made their way back home). On any regular day, I probably would have liked my alone time but today all I wanted was my bed and all I had was my metro card. So, I wasted my time by travelling from one station to another.

By the time I met my boyfriend, I was cranky to say the least. I hardly replied to the questions he asked me and completely disregarded his attempts to cheer me up. Yes, it was quite mean of me but I just couldn’t help it.

As soon as we entered our hotel room, he planted a kiss on my lips. It made things better but I was still pretty mad.

Internal boyfriend stripped for me

He took my hand and twirled me around, ‘C’mon, cheer up!’ he said.

‘Yeah, yeah, give me some time.’ I replied, giving him a faint smile.

‘What can I do? Tell me. Do you want me to dance for you?’ I looked at him and shook my head ‘Okay, you want more? Do you… Want me to strip for you?’ I laughed ‘Shut up!’ I replied, lightly hitting him on the hand. ‘I’ll do it for you! I swear! You want me to?’ he smiled mischievously unbuttoning the top button of his shirt.

‘Oh, well, when you put it that way - go ahead!’ I said, moving back to comfortably sit on the bed. ‘You asked for it.’ he replied, playing Selena Gomez’s ‘Good For You’ on his phone as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, kicked his shoes off and then wriggled out of his pants until he stood in front of me just in his underwear. I was still laughing when he jumped on the bed beside me and asked ‘Better?’ I kissed him on the lips, I thought that was a good enough answer.

It was the next morning when I woke up that I realized what had happened. My boyfriend stripped for me to make me happy, how cool was that? I looked at him then, snoring in his sleep - we still had two hours before our checkout time so I went back to his arms.

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