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11 ‘Let’s Make Up!’ Texts To Send To Your Hubby After A Fight!

11 ‘Let’s Make Up!’ Texts To Send To Your Hubby After A Fight!

Every married woman will tell you that fighting with Mr. Husband is among the few unpleasant things to deal with post shaadi! You know it’s temporary, but you don’t know how to hit the restart button either. And ladies, if you are waiting for him to do it – don’t. Here’s how - we present to you 11 texts to send your husband to make up after a tiny little fight. They’re sure to melt his heart instantly!

1. ‘Not sure if you know this, but you look damn, damn, damn hot when you are mad…’


2. ‘It’s weird not to be able to talk to you all the time! Chuck the fight ya!’

Let’s talk baby!

3. ‘Research says we fight the most with the ones we love the most. Now I know.’

Science, my boy, science. Come back to me?

3 texts to send your husband

4. ‘Now that we are done fighting, let’s skip to the best part – the makeup.’


5. ‘Was reading an article on makeup sex – wanna try?’

Which guy will resist this?! *Wink*

6. ‘I like makeup, but right now, I’d love to make up with you, sweetheart.’

May take a bit of time for him to get it – makeup vs make up.

6 texts to send your husband

7.  ‘Right in the middle of our fight, I realised how cute you look. Stupid me, I should have jumped on you in bed right then!’

Cuteness overload.

8. ‘Dinner’s served in the bedroom. Help yourself.’

Wink, wink.

9. ‘Going to look for white violets. They symbolise “let’s take a chance on happiness”.’

Will virtual ones do?

9 texts to send your husband

10. ‘Sorry for breaking your heart. I didn’t mean to. Please let me make it up to you. Maybe, I could start with making breakfast. LOL.’

Food for thought.

11.  ‘Patching up shouldn't always come from the one who made a mistake but it should come from the one who understands. And no one understands you better than me.’

Some gyaan there!

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Published on May 10, 2017
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