13 *Mushy* Texts To Send To Him… A Night Before Your Wedding!

13 *Mushy* Texts To Send To Him… A Night Before Your Wedding!

From your room, to your daily routine, to the people around you – your life’s going to completely change after the wedding. Take it from us, wedding rituals will leave you with no time for Mr. husband- to-be, so you might as well steal a few minutes now, a night before the wedding to make him feel like the luckiest man alive for marrying you. Go on then, and express your love with these cute little texts. These are the perfect texts to send him a night before D-day!

1. ‘I can’t wait to be yours, forever.’

1 texts to send him

2. ‘Tomorrow, I’ll steal your name from you and make it mine, and keep it safe for our future kids!’

3. ‘It was always you, baby. You are my one and only.’

4. ‘There will come a moment when I’ll walk down the aisle, dressed as a bride and will look up at you, waiting for me. That’ll be the first time we’ll see each other as man and wife. I’ve been dreaming about this moment all my life and I can’t help but feel that tomorrow, all my dreams will come true.’

4 texts to send him

5. ‘It’s 12 o’clock. Next year, this day, we’ll be celebrating one year of married life together. Let the countdown begin!’

6. ‘Today, I have loved you for ___ days. Tomorrow, I’ll promise to continue loving you, in front of the entire world, till the very end of my being.’

7. ‘Do you remember the first time we met? The first time we knew we were in love? The first time we confessed it? Oh, the first time we kissed? I can’t wait to live those firsts with you, all over again, as your wife.’

7 texts to send him

8. ‘How did I ever get so lucky to be marrying you? Or, how did you ever get so lucky to be marrying me, boy?’

9. ‘I am done sleeping alone. I want to wake up in your big, balmy arms around me, forever. That’s why I am marrying you tomorrow, did you know?’

10. ‘Can’t we skip the rituals and start growing old together, already? I don’t wanna spend another moment away from you.’

10 texts to send him

11. ‘Tomorrow, at this time, I will be sitting next to you, dressed as your bride, in our home. We will be living together! I can’t possibly be more excited!’

12. ‘Being married may not be a bed of roses, but I just want you to remember that we’ve done this before. In parallel lives and previous births. We are soul mates, baby, and we’ve always found our way back to each other. We are meant to be and that’s all that matters. I love you.’

13. ‘And so the adventure begins…’

13 texts to send him

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