10 *Sweet* Ways To Cheer Him Up On A Bad Day!

10 *Sweet* Ways To Cheer Him Up On A Bad Day!

Being in a relationship is all about being there for each other and making the other person feel supported and loved. And if your boyfriend is going through a rough patch or a bad day, here are 10 ways to surprise your guy and make him smile.

1. A trip to the spa

A much-deserved massage and sauna will help him let go of the stress, feel relaxed and motivated to take on whatever comes his way.

1 ways to surprise your guy

2. Food therapy

Make a reservation at his favourite restaurant or just order in his favourite comfort food. There’s almost nothing good food cannot cure!

3. Tickets to a cricket match

This will definitely leave him grinning ear-to-ear because experiencing a match live in action is a completely different experience altogether.

4. Stock up his fridge

It might not seem that lovey-dovey but you know that he absolutely hates grocery shopping. So, go ahead and fill his fridge with his favourite brand of beer and all the snacks that he loves binging on. He’ll love you for it!

4 ways to surprise your guy

5. A good old fashioned love letter

Technology might have completely altered the way we communicate, but thoughtful handwritten words can never go out of vogue. A letter stating how much you adore him is definitely going to bring a smile to his face.

6. Bake him a cake

Don’t most of us love sweet treats? Surprise your man by baking him a cake. To be a bit goofy, let the icing on the cake be an inside joke, which only both of you would get.

7. A romantic getaway

Take him away for the weekend or plan a slightly longer trip if possible. Go hiking, surfing, paragliding or on pub crawls - explore a new place in your own special way!

7 ways to surprise your guy

8. A sweet and simple night-in

For days you truly don’t want to do anything else - grab some popcorn and binge watch your favourite shows or movies.

9. A night out with his friends

He might not explicitly say this out loud, but every guy does miss spending time with his boys. So, you could plan a surprise and make it happen. Send the lads out for a game or catch up over drinks at a great pub!

10. Plan a treasure hunt

It is time to put all your creative impulses to good use. Plan a treasure hunt for him with some clues, one leading to another and eventually to the gift that you have got for him. He is sure to have loads of fun and enjoy the adventure along the way.

10 ways to surprise your guy

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