10 *Sweet* Things All Happy Couples Do After A Fight!

10 *Sweet* Things All Happy Couples Do After A Fight!

It is a universal truth that all couples fight. Well, if you put two people together they are bound to argue at some point. Plus, couples who argue tend to be happier than couples who don’t. However, what really matters is how the two people make up after a fight. Here are 10 things that all happy couples do after a fight that makes their relationship stronger.

1. Heartfelt Apology

Most couples apologize to their partners after the fight because they know that it shows how much the love and value them. After all, there is nothing that a heartfelt apology cannot put right.

1 couples do after a fight

2. Kiss And Makeup

It’s amazing how sex can set a lot of things straight. After a fight, most couples end up making out or having sex because that’s how they let their partner know that no matter what, they still mean the world to them even if they don’t say it.

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3. Cheer Each Other Up

Couples that have survived a lot of fights know that cheering each other up after a fight is essential. There are little things that they do to cheer each other up… It can be as little as making something the other loves to something more substantial like getting each other a gift!

4. Some Much Needed Hogging

Again, food is the cure for all things. Plus, fighting is a lot of effort and makes everyone hungry too! Sitting down for a meal together after a fight can smooth a lot of things over. It doesn’t hurt to feed each other either. Couples aren’t afraid to be mushy like that, especially after a fight!

4 couples do after a fight

5. Take A Walk Down The Memory Lane

Immediately after a fight, love tends to take a backseat and sour feelings take the centrestage. However, all happy couples, once the fight is over tend to reminisce and remember why they fell in love with their partner. This helps them connect with their partner again.

6. Cuddle Session

Cuddling releases oxytocin which is also called ‘the bonding hormone’. Cuddling helps reduce stress and anxiety, which are the after effects of a fight! This explains why couples enjoy cuddling after the heated argument has finally, cooled down.

7. Genuine Appreciation

Most people end up saying mean things during a fight but once the fight is over, it’s very important to let the other person know that they are genuinely loved and appreciated for who they are, flaws and all. All happy couples make it a point to do so after a fight.

7 couples do after a fight

8. Dancing Together

Dancing together creates a way for the couple to connect. As couples dance together, their eyes meet and their bodies come close together and puts them in a happy and sensual mood. Exactly what they need after a fight!

9. Netflix And Chillin’

No, not the adult version of the term.  A lot of couples end up watching a great TV show together or just going out for a movie. Movies and TV shows are a way to escape reality and isn’t that what any couple needs after a fight?

10. Taking Timeout

When all else fails, couples know it’s always a good idea to give each other some time out after a fight. It helps them recuperate and let go of the anger and bitter feelings.

10 couples do after a fight

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