10 *Bad* Beauty Habits We ALL Have - And How To Stop!!

10 *Bad* Beauty Habits We ALL Have - And How To Stop!!

Just because us girls don’t go talking about them out loud, it doesn’t mean we aren’t guilty of doing them. These super gross beauty habits may or may not come as a shock to many of you, but deep down, you know that you’ve done at least a couple of them in your life! Eager to know what they are? Here are 10 gross and embarrassing beauty habits we all have have, including YOU! Read on to know what beauty sins you need to stop committing, don’t worry, we’ll help you kick these bad habits!

1. Popping Your Zits Like A Boss!

1 gross beauty habits

Popping just one zit is understandable, but going on a ‘popping’ spree is not cool! Despite knowing it’s gross, it can still be addictive AF! The subconscious act is pleasurable, but not on the cost of your delicate skin. You could not only have to deal with unwanted marks, but nasty scars as well!

Kick the habit: Our suggestion, don’t touch your face of course! Add a toner and a scrub to your skin regime to keep it clear and fight zits. It’s hygienic and safer for your skin.

2. Sharing Your Precious Cosmetic With Your Gals

As much as you love your besties, you mustn’t share your makeup with them. From powder to mascara to kajals, just don’t! If your friend has a skin or an eye infection and uses your makeup products, you too can catch the same infection. You don’t want that to happen now, do you?

Kick the habit: To save you and your BFFs from breakouts, skin irritations and eye infections, stick to your own personal makeup brushes, eyeliners and mascara.

3. Using Too Many Makeup Wipes

3 gross beauty habits

It’s definitely the best habit to take off your makeup every night. However, you must know that everything that’s done in excess is not good for you. Some makeup wipes have an alcohol base and when it often comes in contact with your skin, it could dry it out and irritate it.

Kick the habit: Try using coconut oil to remove your makeup. It’s natural and much gentler on your skin. This can be extra helpful if you’re one who applies makeup regularly.

4. Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

Not washing your makeup brushes is a terrible beauty sin. Sure it takes time and effort, but it’s a must! Leaving product on your brushes for too long and using the same dirty brushes repeatedly on your skin can make a breeding field for bacteria. This further leads to breakouts and nasty rashes.

Kick the habit:  Wash your makeup brushes once every week without fail, so that they remain squeaky clean and your precious skin isn’t at risk of terrible breakouts.

5. Removing Chipped Polish With Your Nails

5 gross beauty habits

Sometimes during a long, boring day at work or college, the best pastime is to remove your chipped nail polish using your nails. Scratching, peeling and biting, seem to be favorable choices. Any girl who’s painted her nails has definitely done this, right? However, it takes a toll on your precious nails by making them brittle and weak.  

Kick the habit: Invest in a good nail polish remover for healthy, happy nails! The polish is not only quick to remove the paint, but won’t cause damage to your nails either.

6. Using Makeup Testers On Your Skin

Trying on makeup is essential, but not on the sensitive areas of your skin. Refrain from using them directly on your eyes, lips and face. Since it’s out for everyone to reach and try at stores, sample products are coated with bacteria and germs. Imagine that coming in direct contact with your skin, lips and eyes! *Yikes*

Kick the habit:  Before buying a product, do your research, read up on reviews and watch beauty vlogs. They’ll help you make a decision whether the product is worth it or not. If you want to test out a product at the store, ask the shop assistant to sanitize the product for you first, they do it at every makeup store.

7. Leaving Your Beauty Blender Wet & Soggy

7 gross beauty habits

No it’s not okay to use a beauty blender when it’s soaked with water. A gold star for you for washing it, but you have to make sure you store it in a dry place after. Moisture welcomes fungus and bacteria.

Kick the habit: The best thing to do is once you’re done cleaning the sponge, use a hair dryer to dry it or keep it out in the sun for a while.

8. Using The Same Old Clogged Razor

All razors come with expiry dates! And if you don’t change your razor frequently, the blade could get blunt and cause some serious cuts to damp, delicate skin. Not to forget that the blade could rot, get clogged with hair, dead skin cells and encourage the birth of bacteria.  

Kick the habit: To avoid the cuts and scars, try changing your razor as often as you can instead of using the same one multiple times.

9. Sleeping With Your Makeup On!

9 gross beauty habits

Time and again, we can’t stress enough on the importance of removing your makeup before you go to bed! A long, tiring day is not a good enough excuse to sleep with your makeup on. That’s unless you want to wake up to dull, oily skin. And, don’t even get us started on breakouts!

Kick the habit: Just before you hit the sack, make it a point to remove all your makeup. You can finish it up by using a moisturizer after. It will keep your skin healthy, supple, clear and hydrated.

10. Applying Makeup With Your Fingers - Without Washing First!  

A lot of us commonly use our fingers to apply and blend our makeup, instead of using brushes and sponges, which is fine, as long as you wash your hands first! Whether it’s to apply foundation, eyeshadow or blush, unwashed and dirty fingers will only spread bacteria, causing irritation and breakouts. 

Kick the habit:  If you prefer using your fingers over makeup brushes, be super particular about washing your hands before starting your makeup process, girls! 

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