13 Struggles Of Being The Elder Sister That Are SO. Damn. Real!

13 Struggles Of Being The Elder Sister That Are SO. Damn. Real!

Being the elder sibling is no piece of cake! That little munchkin who looks like an innocent ball of cuteness is actually a little devil whose horns are probably not yet fully grown. The only problem is, you, as an elder sister know that… But your parents and the rest of the world does not! So here are 13 struggles of being an elder sister. We’re sure you will agree!

1. They can be snoopy AF!

These little bundles of cuteness can actually be quite Sherlock Holmes-y! Eavesdropping on your conversations, rummaging through your cupboard and reading your WhatsApp conversations if you make the mistake of leaving your phone unlocked!

1 elder sister

2. … Which is why you have to constantly keep bribing them to keep their little trap shut!

And boy, can they negotiate!

3. They are forever taking, throwing, breaking and losing your stuff!

You can’t even count the number of things that have gone MIA since your sibling(s) started existing!

3 elder sister

4. Your younger sibling can get away with anything!

Any. Damn. Thing! While you get scolded left, right and centre for leaving the lights on, they can get away with almost setting the house on fire just by making that baby face!

5. That baby sitting sh*t gets serious!

You take your eyes of them for one minute and bam! They are drowning in the sink! You can’t opt out of it and nope, you don’t get paid for it.

5 elder sister

6. You can see their almost devilish expression as they take over your world!

Your parents and relatives (basically everyone) pamper them more. They get the best presents and the most chocolate! #Huh

7. You have to share EVERYTHING!

Ice-cream, pizza, your room, your cupboard… All things and everything! You always have to settle for half… And the smaller half most times.

7 elder sister

8. Your younger one has it easy and you’re the one who has to fight all the battles when it comes to permissions and stuff!

The first time you wanted to go for a sleepover at your bestie’s, you had to fight a week long war, complete with tantrums and a 3 hour hunger strike. But your younger siblings will get it at the snap of a finger and your mom may even pack some ‘snacks’ for them. *Silent smirk*

9. You have to watch the cartoon way more than you’d like to!

Teletubbies, Oswald, Pingu, Doraemon… You’ve had to sit through it all!

9 elder sister

10. You always have to censor your conversations when they are around.

Because let's face it, if they learn any bad words then you can consider yourself dead!

11. Anytime they are howling and have the waterworks running, it’s your fault!

They may just be crying for no reason but you’re ass gonna be whopped!

11 elder sister

12. You are the guinea pig for all their pranks!

The only silver lining being, you know all of their other-worldly, weird but highly effective pranks by heart and you can use them to cause turmoil in the adult world!

13. You have a hard time accepting that they may actually be cooler than you are!

Of course, you’ll never admit it in front of them. Ain’t no one wants to create Godzillas out of these little cray cray monsters!

13 elder sister

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