10 Things To STOP Doing If You Love Your Skin!

10 Things To STOP Doing If You Love Your Skin!

You try everything to make your skin look absolutely gorgeous and free from acne and what not. But there’s a high chance that you might be making these skincare mistakes. Our skincare routine has to change with the weather and here are some mistakes you might be making that is keeping you from having that lit-from-within glow. Keep your skin beautiful all year long by avoiding these mistakes and believe us, your skin will be healthy and happy again!

1. Not applying sunscreen properly

You are applying sunscreen, great! But are you applying it properly? There’s a high chance that you might be using less sunscreen or not reapplying it. Most sunscreens should be reapplied every two hours, and more frequently if you sweat a lot. Make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen on the areas that are not going to be covered by your clothes - your face and arms in most cases.

2. Not exfoliating

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Even the most sensitive kind of skin needs some TLC once in a while. Scrub away your skin woes by exfoliating your face and the rest of the body at least once in a week. To exfoliate, you can either use a homemade scrub which includes sugar and olive oil or use an exfoliator tool that will get rid of the dead skin cells in a jiffy! Make sure to not use scrub on your acne as they might pop and leave stubborn scars.

3. Not applying your face wash correctly

Yes, ladies, there’s a way to apply face wash correctly. How and where you lather up matters a lot. For soft and supple skin, you have to work the cleanser into your skin, moving from the inside of your face and outward using tiny circular motions with your index and middle fingers. This way you can also reduce the puffiness (if any) on your face.

4. Neglecting your feet

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We tend to completely forget about our feet when it comes to skin care. But, taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of your face. Being in flip flops and shoes all day can lead to cracks in your heels. Take better care of your feet by moisturizing daily and scrubbing your soles with a pumice stone once in a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

5. Overusing scrub

If you didn’t know this, over scrubbing or scrubbing too hard can lead to wrinkles, especially in areas with delicate skin, like, under your eyes. It can also lead to an increase in the shedding of skin cells that can lead to blackheads and the dead skin can accumulate in your skin pores. If you are someone whose skin is more prone to acne, use a gentle chemical-based exfoliant and avoid anything with harsh granules.

6. Not changing your moisturizer

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Ladies, you just can’t use the same moisturizer throughout the year, especially if you live in a country like India. The climatic conditions are not constant and we experience from extreme summer to winters. Make sure to use a moisturizer with enough water content during summer as it’s so hot outside and you might even sweat a lot. For winters, opt for something enriched with different kinds of oils as your skin needs to stay hydrated and smooth during winters.

7. Touching or picking on your skin

Constantly touching or picking on your skin can lead to an increase in breakouts. Our fingers have been everywhere and are probably more dirty than you can even imagine. Touching your face can transfer the bacteria present on your fingers to your face and this can make you break out more often. Try to control the urge to touch your skin constantly and your skin will thank you, ladies!

8. Avoiding your hairline and neck

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Both your hairline and neck are prone to breakouts. But often we tend to skip these essential parts when cleansing our face. You need to cleanse in these areas as well because the bacteria might still be sitting on your skin which obviously can lead to breakouts and other skin woes.

9. Washing your face before removing your makeup

Every time you apply makeup, you make sure to cover all the areas - hairline, neck, cheeks, right? But if you straight away wash your face before even trying to remove your makeup, then you’re making a huge mistake! Washing your face while your makeup is still on, can make it travel deep into your pores, leading to blackheads and acne. Always remove your makeup with the help of a makeup remover or coconut oil and then wash your face. Make it a habit, ladies!

10. Not staying hydrated

10 skincare mistakes

Girls, we might have mentioned it gazillion times and here we go again - you NEED to stay hydrated for healthy and happy skin. Lack of water in your system can lead to dry and flaky skin and rob it of that gorgeous glow. Drinking more water can definitely help in making your skin healthy again. Apart from drinking water, you can have coconut water, which is amazing to have in this heat and other foods that have a high water content - like cucumber and watermelon.

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